Work With Me

At Mummy Fever we are open to collaborations with family-focused brands around the topics covered here on the blog. In particular our areas of interest lie in family travel, families activities both at home and out and about, lifestyle and parenting.

Home improvement, gardens, and nutrition are all of personal interest to me, as is education and how parents can support positive child development. 

family time

I am open to the following:

  • Collaborative articles
  • Sponsored articles
  • Guest articles on external sites
  • Reviews
  • Guest article contributions
  • Hosting competitions
  • Ambassadorships
  • Public speaking and presentations
  • Event attendance

If you would like to work with me please email 

For my rate card and guest article guidelines, or details of how to submit an article, please get in touch.

Media pack available on request but my Ace Media approved Pitch Pack can be viewed here!