Robust Footwear For Active Kids

How many times have you bought footwear for your children and they’ve wrecked the shoes within a couple of weeks? even worse, smart school shoes which have been quickly trashed? I mean, kids shoes need to be robust. They climb, they run, they jump, they hardly ever sit still, and why should they? Their shoes should be able to take a battering.

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Summer Wardrobe Options From Femme Luxe

As I type this it is pouring with rain. Not just standard rain, the kind of rain with massive spots of water than gets you completely soaked. We had a similar downpour yesterday as I left to collect the children from school. It’s not been a great May weather wise so far, but apparently we are heading for a mid-June heatwave so it’s still reasonable to discuss summer wardrobes! Are you hoping for some warmer weather soon? This must have been the wettest May for a while.

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Post-lockdown wardrobe thoughts

We’ve been in a state of lockdown for what feels like an age, but gradually now the rules are easing up and more movement and meeting up is possible. As the UK begins to open up, to mean that more and more things are open and small gatherings allowed, what are your thoughts on the post-lockdown wardrobe?

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