8 Most Popular Jackets for UK Weather

coloured coats

Because the UK is always in or near the path of the polar front jet stream, pressure changes and unsettled weather are common. A single day can bring a variety of weather conditions. In general, the climate in the United Kingdom is variable and often cloudy, especially in the country’s northernmost regions.  Rain falls evenly throughout the year, so deciding what to wear can be a nightmare. This is where jackets come to the forefront.

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Sustainable fashion is here to stay. 5 reasons why

Sustainability in fashion is gaining wild popularity. The movement is very inspiring and influential, as it neutralises the negative effects on the environment that are caused by the industry. Due to the massive interest in sustainable garments, this is unlikely to be a short-time trend. This could actually be the future of fashion.

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Summer Shorts from Femme Luxe

teen wearing distressed denim shorts

Personally, I hate shorts. Well that’s not entirely true, I love shorts, I just hate them on me. Anyone else? Surely I cannot be alone in this? Each year as summer comes around I debate it with myself and then talk myself out of it! My daughter loves them though and there are a ton of great shorts around this summer, no matter what sort of look you are going for or what you are going to be doing. She loves her sports shorts, but then also really loves her distressed denim shorts in white, black and blue. These really are super versatile and they always wash and wear so well.

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How to Tell the Difference Between Leggings, Tights, and Hosiery

Have you ever put together a great outfit but felt like something wasn’t quite right with the bottoms you chose? Perhaps you mistakenly put on thick leggings when you should’ve been wearing a thinner pair of tights instead. Maybe you were dressing up for a fancy event, only to realise at the last minute that you mistook your regular tights for your super thin ones.

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Shapewear for women

Do you wear shapewear? If so, do you wear it everyday? Do you just wear it on special occasions? Or is it outfit specific? Are there perhaps outfits you own that you always wear with shapewear underneath? Whatever your relationship with shapewear, read on to discover some of the available options these days.

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De-cluttering your wardrobe

Do you find you are wearing the same things over and over again, yet you can’t close your wardrobe probably and never seem to have any space? Do you dread opening the wardrobe or trying to put anything away? If this sounds like you, you are overdue a declutter of your clothing. Have a go – I can’t tell you that the process will be fun, but I can tell you that you will feel so much better afterwards.

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