Unveiling Silver Linings: 10 Profound Insights Gained from the COVID-19 Pandemic

lessons from covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented global crisis, reshaped the world in ways we could not have predicted. As we reflect on the challenges and changes brought about by this crisis, it’s important to recognise the valuable lessons it has taught us. From personal resilience to global interconnectedness, the pandemic has highlighted crucial aspects of our lives and society. Here are ten significant lessons we’ve learned from the COVID-19 experience.

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Mastering Mock Exams: Why They Matter and How Parents Can Support Their Kids

why mock exams matter

Mock exams, often called practice tests or trial exams in other parts of the world, are a critical component of a student’s academic journey. These simulated assessments are designed to mimic the format and conditions of actual exams, providing students with valuable insights into their “preparedness” and areas that require improvement. In this article, I will discuss why mock exams matter and how parents can play a pivotal role in supporting their children during this crucial phase of their education.

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Comprehensive Guide to UK Student Loans

So that’s it, the A-level results are in and your child is off to university. Whilst exciting, this can also be a stressful time and a time of confusion and uncertainty for many as young people and their parents navigate all things from student loans to trying to find student accommodation.

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