Duvet Cover Sets Buying Guide

The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in a home, the place where your days begin and end. Your bedroom design can affect your mood and emotions as well as your bedtime routine, and ultimately the quality of your everyday life. Your bed is the most important place in the room and you need to make sure you turn it into a comfortable haven from everyday stress.

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There’s no place like home

there's no place like home

Going home What does your home mean to you? Where do you count as home? Is it YOUR home or somewhere different? I know some people who will say “I’m going back home this weekend” – by which they mean going back to their parents’ home and perhaps the house they grew up in. At […]

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Home interiors: what’s your style?

fairy lights

When it comes to home interiors many of us have a particular style and ‘look’ that we go for. What’s your interior style preference? Perhaps it’s minimalist, or maybe industrial. Maybe you prefer English garden, or even Scandinavian? Do you go for a more luxe style, or are you more into French country? If none of […]

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