Are parenting styles important?

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Does it really matter? If you think about your own childhood, that of your parents, or even others you may know, you can easily attribute a particular character trait, view or personality element to how that person was parented. You may catch yourself saying “well, I’m like that because…”.

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That bit between Christmas and New Year

Christmas decs

I love Christmas, I always have. The build up, the planning, the mulled wine, the excitement, the festivities and time with the family, did I mention the mulled wine? That bit between Christmas and New Year is odd though. If you aren’t working it can be great downtime and a chance to recover from all […]

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One day…

One day I will have a tidy house. One day I will sleep for 8 uninterrupted hours per night. One day I will be able to shop on my own at my leisure. One day I will be able to go to the toilet on my own. One day I will not have to pick food up […]

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