That bit between Christmas and New Year

I love Christmas, I always have. The build up, the planning, the mulled wine, the excitement, the festivities and time with the family, did I mention the mulled wine?

That bit between Christmas and New Year is odd though. If you aren’t working it can be great downtime and a chance to recover from all the excitement of Christmas, maybe catch up with friends and family if you haven’t already done that, munch your way through some Christmas movies or box sets, or just go on some nice frosty family walks together.

Christmas decs

It’s not just that though, as I’ve discovered over the years, that bit between Christmas and New Year is also reserved for lots of other things:

  • Finding new homes for all the new things that have been unwrapped
  • Having a mini meltdown about where on earth you are going to put all the new LEGO bits that have now been unwrapped
  • Wrestling with large amounts of ripped wrapping paper
  • Feeling as if you are drowning in cardboard, that instantly overflows the recycling bag
  • Stocking up on all the batteries that Santa forgot to include with all the gifts
  • Trying to contain vast amounts of chocolate that is overflowing the cupboards
  • Wondering if the house will ever be back to ‘normal’ but at the same time, kind of enjoying this new relaxed approach and pace of life
  • Pondering how many things you can make with left over turkey – then consuming them
  • Convincing yourself it’s perfect acceptable to drink alcohol at any time of the day, it’s the festive season still for goodness sake
  • Feeling the urge to throw lots of ‘old’ stuff away

santa trail

As much as these few days can seen in someway a bit of an anti-climax, in reality we should embrace the bit between Christmas and New Year and cherish every second because it will be the longest ‘Sunday feeling’ you get for a whole year!

Enjoy, before you hop back on that treadmill of life again.

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