That bit between Christmas and New Year

Christmas decs

I love Christmas, I always have. The build up, the planning, the mulled wine, the excitement, the festivities and time with the family, did I mention the mulled wine? That bit between Christmas and New Year is odd though. If you aren’t working it can be great downtime and a chance to recover from all […]

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Live the ‘Good Life’ in the Lake District

good life cumbria

The Lake District is somewhere I’d love to spend more time. During university I visited a lot. After my family moved to France I didn’t have a ‘home’ to go back to at weekends, so sometimes I’d go home with a friend. Her parents live in the Lake District. We’d go on long walks with […]

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Hello Havana: choosing a stroller

koochi havana

No I’m not in Cuba. Although we can dream can’t we? I’ve heard it’s very nice. One for the bucket list perhaps? I’m actually talking about the new gorgeous Speedstar Havana pushchair from the AW16 range at Koochi. If you haven’t heard of Koochi before, they are the sister brand of Cosatto. If Cosatto are […]

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Practical jackets for little tots

Sadly the days of leaving the house without a coat of some description are well in the past with Autumn firmly upon us. I don’t know about you, I want the children to be snug, but trying to wrestle little ones into their car seats with the added bulk of a winter coat can be […]

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