What are you feeding Santa and Rudolf this year?

Are your little ones planning what to leave out for Santa and Rudolf this Christmas? Are your snacks on these lists at all?

Festive Brits will leave out more than £98 MILLION worth of snacks for Santa and his reindeer this Christmas Eve – including beers, crisps and avocados.

The average value of nibbles left out for Santa Claus and his reindeer is £1.58, meaning St Nick and Rudolph will scoff a small fortune’s worth of treats, veggies and boozy beverages.

Festive folk in Birmingham are the most generous, gifting the Christmas crew treats worth an average of £2.06, while those in York are stingiest, shelling out just £1.02 for their services.

Santa and his reindeer are set to scoff 3,063 tonnes of carrots alone, left for them. Unfortunately Rudolph won’t have much use for this haul, as reindeer only have a bottom row of teeth and, contrary to popular believe, are unable to eat carrots. I mean who knew?

Snacks for Santa

Top 20 snacks for Rudolf and his reindeer

1. Carrots

2. A bowl of water

3. Beer

4. Apple

5. Chocolate

6. Oats

7. Sweets

8. Parsnips

9. Crisps

10. Cheese

11. Oranges / Satsumas

12. Sprouts

13. Cabbage

14. Pet food

15. Advent calendar chocolates

16. Lettuce

17. Fizzy drinks

18. A slice of pizza

19. Tomatoes

20. Kale


Top 20 snacks for Santa

1. Mince pie

2. Milk

3. Cookies

4. Glass of whiskey

5. Glass of brandy

6. Beer

7. Chocolate

8. Wine

9. Cheese and crackers

10. A cup of tea / coffee

11. Juice / squash

12. Christmas pudding

13. Nuts

14. Coffee

15. Turkey

16. Guinness

17. Rice pudding

18. Falafel balls

19. Avocado on toast

20. Ham


What will you be serving this Christmas?

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