That bit between Christmas and New Year

Christmas decs

I love Christmas, I always have. The build up, the planning, the mulled wine, the excitement, the festivities and time with the family, did I mention the mulled wine? That bit between Christmas and New Year is odd though. If you aren’t working it can be great downtime and a chance to recover from all […]

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A hat for every winter occassion

I’ve always loved a good hat. I have loads of hats but I’ve never found them that practical with little ones around as they are fascinated with them and pull them straight off or want to wear the hat themselves. A good beret tends to work the best I find, as they stay put quite […]

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Reading to children at bedtime

Reading to children at bedtime is such a special part of the day. We have four bookcases at home (one for each of the children) with the books they love, handmade by their grandfather, each one unique, just like the children. The children love to select the stories they want to read together. Some weeks […]

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