7 Steps to a Stylish Living Room

Arguably, the living room is one of the most used spaces within the home, as it is where families come together to relax and reconnect. Although, I have to say our kitchen is probably the most used room of all.

As you will spend so much time inside the versatile space, it makes sense you will want to increase its style and comfort, so it continually feels like somewhere you and your family want to spend time.

To help you create your dream interior in 2019, read the following six steps to a stylish living room. All things I’ve got on my own vision board.

Step 1: Fill up your table with fragrant candles

Coffee tables or central surfaces in your living room are the best spots to arrange small and shaped candles in various patterns. You can use tea candles, coloured pillar candles, or bowl-shaped candles made of soy wax or beeswax.

By creating a designated and central space you’ll be able to maximise the light, heat and scent disbursement of the candles as well as emphasising an aesthetic focal point in the room. Naturally within some homes, younger children, especially babies, are present and you may be wondering what candles can be used around babies

For these homes you’ll want to take careful consideration of not only placement but the candles themselves. Opting for child friendly candles and utilising higher surface furniture where the candles can’t be reached.

Step 2: Choose a Light Colour Scheme

Light, neutral tones can often suit a living room, as they can make a room appear bright, big and inviting. Conversely, darker shades can absorb light, making a room appear much smaller than it is.

To create a truly stylish living room, incorporate soft, neutral tones into your colour scheme, such as white, light grey or pale blue. You also can add pops of colour and personality using bold decorative accents and artwork.

Step 3: Install Durable Wooden Flooring

Many interior designers incorporate wooden flooring into their designs, as they are stylish, easy to maintain, durable and flexible, as they can look great either alone or with a bold rug.

There are also various design options to choose from, such as oak, beech, walnut or wenge. You can also take your pick from numerous styles at Kens Yard, from chevron or rustic.

Step 4: Consider the Room’s Layout

To develop a sophisticated living room design, you should invest in living room furniture created from solid wood in a neutral colour scheme.

However, aside from the furniture design, you will need to consider the room’s layout. Every piece should perfectly fit within a room without inhibiting on space.

For instance, you should aim to add symmetry into an interior design by facing sofas and armchairs towards each other. If possible, try to keep the centre of the room as free as possible to create an uncluttered, stylish look.

Step 5: Use Texture to Create a Cosy, Luxurious Space

Make a living room appear both cosy and quality by adding many different textures to your décor. To do so, you will need to incorporate many decorative pillows, grey faux fur throw blanket, luxurious curtains, and chunky knit throws, which can transform your house into a stunning home.

Step 6: Add Curves to Create Contrast

Break up the bold, stark lines of a bookcase or chest of drawers by adding curved furniture into your living room’s interior design, which can add softness to your décor. The contrast will also prove to your visitors that you have excellent attention to detail.

Looking for the best furniture to purchase can be quite difficult, this shabby chic furniture range would look lovely no-matter its surroundings.

Step 7: Arrange Accents and Furniture into Groups of Three

If you want to develop an interior design that belongs on the front cover of a home magazine, consider arranging your furniture or accessories into groups of three, which can be pleasing to the eye. For example, arrange three candles together, or feature eclectic pieces as a group, which can add balance to a space.

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