Mummy Fever

One day…

One day I will have a tidy house.

One day I will sleep for 8 uninterrupted hours per night.

One day I will be able to shop on my own at my leisure.

One day I will be able to go to the toilet on my own.

One day I will not have to pick food up off the floor.

One day.

The Rucksack Mama

One day I will not have to wash my own body weight in clothes everyday.

One day I will not have to pick up toys and clothes from the floor continuously.

One day I will have time to wash and dry my hair and have as many uninterrupted baths as I want.

One day I will have a home that doesn’t resemble a cross between Toys R Us and Boots.

One day I will not find finger prints on the windows, doors, radiators and mirrors.

One day.

back to school

One day I will not have to re-heat my drink five times.

One day I will not spend my days racing from one after school activity to the next.

One day I will not have milk-stained, food stained and goodness knows what else stained clothes!

One day I will finish a conversation with a friend in one attempt.

One day my phone will ring and I will actually be able to answer it.

One day.

Aquatica Orlando

BUT….That day will mean…

No cuddles.

No kisses.

No giggles.

No little faces, fingers and toes.

No ‘little helpers’.

No one running in shouting ‘Mummy‘.

No playtime.

No bedtime stories.

No new words, or phrases.

No cute school shows or concerts.

No wild/fun bath times.

No little people to do fun stuff with.

family travel

I have heard a lot of parents lately complaining about all the things they can’t do now they have children. All the things they wish they could do, and all the things they are missing out on now they have children.

Just think what we will be missing when they are all grown up.

We all get frustrated but really, they are not little for long!

So….one day I will have all those things but for now I have four little smiles, 40 little fingers, 40 little toes and four huge personalities to keep me going.

Embrace the chaos..because it wont last forever and if you blink you might just miss something incredible!

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