Best baby sleep essentials in Australia in 2022

baby swaddled

Before your newborn arrives, it’s important to consider how you will actually put your baby to bed. Are you using a cot or a bassinet? Will you swaddle them or use a sleep sack? Where will your child sleep – in your room, or a nursery? Considering important questions like these ones will help you prepare for your child’s impending arrival and feel a little more empowered to tackle baby sleep time like a pro. Keep reading to find out our top baby sleep essentials to help you do just that in 2022.

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How to help your baby sleep through the night

It’s no secret that most new parents dream of getting a better night sleep. Some babies are better sleepers than others – some babies sleep in short bursts while others sleep through the night very early on. Every baby has its own sleeping pattern, and it rarely aligns with its parent’s desire for sleep.

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