Best baby sleep essentials in Australia in 2022

Before your newborn arrives, it’s important to consider how you will actually put your baby to bed. Are you using a cot or a bassinet? Will you swaddle them or use a sleep sack? Where will your child sleep – in your room, or a nursery? Considering important questions like these ones will help you prepare for your child’s impending arrival and feel a little more empowered to tackle baby sleep time like a pro. Keep reading to find out our top baby sleep essentials to help you do just that in 2022.

How to put a baby to bed?

There’s really no hard and fast rules, and the truth is it can take time to ease into a sleep routine with your own child. However, here are some standby, tried and trusted tips that do often help put a baby to sleep:

  • Establish a baby sleep routine
  • Give your baby a bath
  • Swaddle your newborn
  • Set the scene with a bedtime story
  • Use a blackout blind or shusher
  • Invest in a comforter toy

Does my child need a baby sleep suit?

It comes down to how easy you want to make life for yourself. If you know how to swaddle like a pro, you can skip this one. However, if you find it difficult I swear by them. Small children often kick off their blankets during the night which causes them to wake and struggle to fall back asleep. When you use a sleep bag, you eliminate the need for using other blankets and hence the problem. Good news because nowadays, it is easy to order weighted sleep sack online.

5 Best Baby Sleep Essentials in 2022

1.    Ergo Pouch Baby Products

Newborns need look no further than an Ergo Pouch Cocoon Swaddle! It’s the simplest and safest way to swaddle your child and perfect for arms down sleepers. It helps to contain startle reflex while keeping your baby snug and securely swaddled throughout the year without the need for complicated wrapping. The two-in-one bag transitions from arms-in swaddling for newborns, to an arms-out sleep bag once they start rolling. There are press stud poppers in the armholes that convert this swaddle into your baby’s first sleeping bag as they grow. Made from breathable natural fibres, the organic cotton material is comfortable and soft on your baby’s skin.

2.    Love to Dream

If your baby is an arms up sleeper, then Love to Dream’s swaddles will be your newfound perfect sleep companion. It features unique patented wings which allow for a natural arms up position while safely bringing your baby’s hands to their mouth. The Love to Dream Swaddles are made with TOG rated fabrics meaning you can be sure your child is sleeping at a safe temperature (based on temperature of the room) too.

3.    Nightlight

Investing in a nightlight is ideal for late night feeds, nappy changes, and to add a little extra comfort to baby’s room. Not all children like light though and some may sleep better with blackout blinds so be mindful of this. Using a night light rather than turning on a regular light switch helps to teach your baby the difference from night and day, which is useful for establishing good sleep routines.

4.    Cot Sheets

When it comes to cot sheets the rule is fitted sheets for newborns! It’s really important to make sure there are no loose bedding items in a newborns cot or bassinet as it can be a choking hazard.  This is another reason why we love to dress babies in sleep suits or swaddles as it removes the need for cot blankets. Try the gorgeous fitted cot sheets from 7pm Linen – they’re breathable, and luxuriously soft.

5.    Baby comforters

Last but not least, consider investing in a baby comforter as the finishing touch to helping your child have a great night’s sleep. We love the Rabbit Cuddle Cloths from Liewood as it’s soft, cute and great for cuddling or playing alike. Crafted from 100% organic cotton, its face is visually stimulating and the textured body helps to provide varied tactile experiences as your baby grows from birth to eighteen months. For safety, be sure not to introduce this to your child’s cot until they are at least 7 months old.

Feeling empowered to tackle putting your newborn to bed? A few small investments in great clothing, comfy sheets, and loving toys can make all the difference you need between a beautiful night’s sleep or a restless one. A little bit of trial and error will help see you through the first few months.

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