New Family Addition: Top Tips To Welcome Home Your Rescue Dog

Across the US, UK and other nations, many dogs find themselves residing in animal shelters. Fortunately, if most strays are found, they are more than likely able to find their way back to their home. Another loving family adopts those that do not find their home. More than two million dogs each year are adopted into new homes. Adopting a rescue dog can be a rewarding experience, but preparations must be put in place to welcome their arrival.

Have you recently adopted a rescue dog? It can be an exciting time to bring home a new pet as it marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life and also for your new canine friend. If you have recently adopted a new addition to your family, here are a few helpful ways to welcome your newly rescued dog home.

Plan The Journey Home

Ultimately, you want your rescue dog to feel comfortable. When preparing to take them home, ensure that you have planned the journey back before picking them up. This includes a bed, crate, food, treats, toys, leash, collar from Halo for dogs – everything you need to help make them feel comfortable. Choosing these factors beforehand helps make the process run as smoothly as possible. What’s more, when you adopt from MX Dog Rescue For Northern Adopters, you get a detailed booklet that provides all the information you need to prepare for your pet.

Have Supplies Ready

Once it has been confirmed that you can pick up your rescue, ensure that you have all of their supplies ready for their arrival. This includes a bed, crate, food, treats, toys, leash, collar – everything you need to help make them feel comfortable.

Decide on the type of food you are going to buy them. If you are going with dry food, consider treating your canine friend to a tasty food topper. Keep an eye out for brands like Applaws. They offer a vast selection of toppers that help to turn dry dog food into a delicious feast for your new canine friend.

Having all their supplies ready before arriving helps make the transition from the rescue shelter to their new home as smooth as possible. It allows you to focus on helping them get settled instead of rushing out to buy things you need that you do not already have.

Be Patient With Them

Remember that moving to a new home can be an overwhelming experience for your dog. They are moving from one place they might have just settled into and going to a new place with people they do not know. Rescue dogs, particularly older dogs, might have had upsetting past experiences that you are unaware of. These experiences could cause them to feel slightly on edge and nervous around being in the new place.

When you welcome home your rescue dog, be patient with them. Understand that they might not be 100% comfortable being around you or the space they are in. You might find they will choose a corner or an area in your home they gravitate towards. Find ways to bond with your rescue dog and build that trust they have lost. Gradually you will likely begin to notice an improvement in their behaviour towards you. It might be they seem more comfortable approaching you, or they allow you to pet them. Regardless, when you notice an improvement in their behaviour towards you and see how you have built trust – it is a rewarding experience that you will greatly cherish.

With this newly established trust, you can move forward, building on it and helping your new canine companion feel more and more at home. 


  1. I really want a dog, but at the moment we live in a flat and it’s just not possible. Can’t wait to move somewhere we can have one

  2. Our dog adds so much to our household, it wouldn’t be the same without him, and definitely they’re great for having that reason to go out and enjoy a nice walk.

  3. Some great ideas, we’ve just had a dog off someone whose had a litter. But before that we did have a rescue dog. They just add so much fun to the household

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