Winter Warmers: Femme Luxe

black puffer jacket

It was super chilly again on the school run this morning, the wind was making it feel extra wintery. How are you wrapping up at the moment? It’s easy to be warm when you can dress casually, but what about when you have to go into the office, or head to a meeting for a few hours. How can you remain smart and stylish but still be warm and cosy?

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Summer Party Wear From Femme Luxe

chain mail top femme luxe

As much as I love Autumn, I must admit that it is really lovely to still have some warm weather around, much like this time last year. My memories popped up from the first week of September last year and we were having a BBQ and had the paddling pool out still! I know lots of people that have packed away their summer outfits and already got the warm jumpers and Halloween decorations out!

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Cosy Christmas Wardrobe

With all the uncertainty over yet another Christmas period, you may have had to cancel some of your plans or had those cancelled by someone else. Things are once again hanging in the balance and non of us know if our remaining plans will be possible or not. Will you get to wear that sparkly dress you bought for new year? Who even knows right now!

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Crop Top Combos From Femme Luxe

Femme Luxe has a great selection of outfits with cropped tops, but rather than feel all dressed up in these they’ve got tons may out of comfy, stretchy fabrics – imagine your favourite jogging bottoms as a crop top and you’re pretty much there.

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Summer Pics From Femme Luxe

It’s been nice having some warm weather recently in the UK hasn’t it? It’s always really welcome, despite the fact that everyone then complains about it. How very British right? I’m not a fan of the humidity and the bugs that seem to come with that but the heat and the blue skies have been really very welcome. How have been finding the heat recently? Have you enjoyed it?

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