Focus on: jumpsuits

As a child I had plenty of all-in-ones, you know the kind of shorts and top play suit type things that are ideal for the beach? Anyone else have these? I don’t feel like these ever disappeared really, as I also bought these for my daughter when she was little and friends now with young daughters do the same. They are so practical for the summer, for playing, time outside, on the beach etc and they look super cute too.

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Day to night with Femme Luxe

day to night outfits

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you might have seen my recent article about some of the lovely dresses over at Femme Luxe. I shared some of their dresses that can become those staple items in your wardrobe that you can bring out for multiple occasions – we all need those kind of outfits don’t we? I’ve been looking into their other items recently. They have everything from lounge wear to jumpsuits, to jeans and tops, bodysuits and the dresses I talked about last time.

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