Top Five Most Expensive Handbags

expensive handbags

Many think that one of the most crucial instruments in any woman’s fashion ensemble is a handbag. For the longest time, handbags have become a part of every woman’s outfit so much that they are almost inseparable. I’m more about the mum bag myself!

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Do you need a little magic in your wardrobe?

magic in your wardrobe

How’s your wardrobe looking so far this year? Is it time for a clearout? There’s nothing worse than having a wardrobe full of stuff that you never wear – why not have a de-clutter? It not only makes you feel better, but it’s much easier to see what you actually have in your wardrobe to wear.

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Cosy sleepwear for winter

winter pjs

Winter nights make me feel like everyone needs cosy pyjamas. I love the idea of all the fluffy PJ’s you in the shops and online this time of year. In reality, they are so impractical for my family, as aside from me they are all warm bodies. I’ve bought the children tons of warm fluffy […]

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Custom made: is it worth it?

custom made clothing

Have you ever had anything custom made? It’s certainly not the norm for most of us is it? There are a few things that come to mind when it comes to tailor-made and custom clothing. For most, it’s often much too expensive to be worth it. When there are so many different types of clothing […]

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The best luxury ladies watches?

silver watch

Do you wear a watch? People tend to be into watches or not, but watches have been thought to be the best accessories when it comes to enhancing personality. To help you all choose better we have prepared a list of top 5 luxury watches available in 2018. 1.      Sofia pink gold by D&G Dolce […]

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