Money Saving Tips for Christmas

With the cost of living rising and rising, lots of people are starting to get concerned about how they will pay for Christmas, and already trying to manage the expectations of children. With that in mind, one way to make this easier on everyone is to buy steadily over the coming months, rather than getting lots of things all in one go.

I asked my readers for their own money saving tips for Christmas and here’s what they said.

Reduce/don’t buy gifts

Quite a few people said that they were reducing who they buy for or just not buying gifts at all. This is obviously a very effective way of saving money, but not what everyone wants to do.

Look out for sales

Lots of readers bought items in the sales and this seemed to be throughout the year. Lots of people said they wait for things like Black Friday deals, or other promotional days to make purchases and keep these items back for Christmas.

Use cashback sites

This is not something I’ve got into but really should consider further. Tons of my readers said that they were using cashback sites to save up and then use this cashback towards Christmas gifts. Many found this an effective way to fund their Christmas.

Use loyalty sites/cards

Many readers used loyalty sites and cards for Christmas gifts, I have most certainly done this, saving up points to buy things for birthdays and Christmas. This can be a really good way of reducing the cost of more expensive items as well as saving more generally.

Make homemade gifts

This is a lovely idea. Readers were suggesting making homemade Christmas cards with their children, or hampers, or making tree decorations, jams, biscuits and so on and giving these as gifts. Talented readers who could knit or sew were also making clothing as gifts.

Buy gradually

This is something I most certainly do and something clearly lots of my readers do as well. Rather than purchasing everything in one or two pay packets, people were buying items gradually over the year and putting them away until Christmas. I’ve had to improve my hiding places this year as my children know I do this now!

Put money away each week

There were quite a lot of readers who committed to putting money away each week so they had it there ready to spend on Christmas. Some had tried this in the past but then ended up spending it on essential items for the home when things had gone wrong.

Give the gift of time

One reader suggested doing something a little different and innovative and instead of a physical gift, giving the gift of time or a service. So for example, washing someone’s car, cleaning their house or baby sitting their children. I think this is a really lovely idea.

Buy in the January Sales

Lots of people bought things like wrapping paper in the January sales. Gift tags, gift bags and any other wrapping supplies are massively reduced in January, so if you can get your hands on these things it’s well worth it. I have done this in the past and been really grateful for it come November.

Don’t go over the top on Christmas Dinner

One reader also suggested not going over the top on Christmas dinner. I think this is a great tip actually. When you think about it, people typically get overly full and eat way more than they need to. Lots of food gets wasted, so maybe just don’t buy too much in the first place.

How will you save money this Christmas? Do share any of your own tips below.


  1. I can’t emphasis enough that you should never go too far over the top or stretch your budget. It’s not worth getting in debt or financial trouble just to show someone you love them. Show them you care with your time and attention, not your purse! Have a good one 🙂

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