How to save money on gas and electricity: which appliances are the most cost effective?

saving money with slow cookers

I think it would be safe to say that there is a lot of anxiety and uncertainty around the cost of living crisis. The weather has been noticeably cooler over the last week but many people are choosing to opt for thick socks and an extra jumper over putting the heating on. It’s not just the heating though, here is a look at cooking appliances.

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Cancelled Netflix or Amazon Prime to save some pennies? Here’s what to watch instead

Netflix price increase

Just when we thought household costs couldn’t possibly increase further, two of the nation’s favourite streaming services have announced price increases to come into place this summer. With Netflix’s new pricing structure already underway and Amazon Prime increasing from their annual fee from £79 to £95 this September, Nationwide, many families are looking at their monthly outgoings and deciding whether to cut subscription costs, with one million users cancelling Netflix subscriptions already.

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