Preparing for Christmas? What about retro sweet hampers from Swizzels?

I hate to mention the word Christmas too early normally, but I think this year people generally seem a bit more open to it, as everyone is trying to plan ahead, make savings and generally spread the cost of Christmas alongside all the general rise in the cost of living. I know I’ve bought a few things already and popped them away, which is quite a bit earlier than I normally would do.

I’ve heard a lot of people saying recently that they are cutting down on what they are buying this year as everything is so expensive, or that they are thinking more carefully about what they buy for others. If you like to send gifts to others but are being more mindful about how much you spend this year I’ve got the perfect suggestion for you.

How about, rather than sending say four individual gifts, you sent treats that the whole family could share?

Swizzels sweet hampers are ideal for this. Most people instantly recognise this iconic brand and identify them with retro sweets, and people always have their favourites as well! Lots of people go crazy for Parma Violets for example, whereas others (me included think they taste like flowers). As a child I loved the Drumstick lollies, my children love the Squashies – these are often our go-to movie night sweets.

A Swizzels hamper would be the perfect Christmas gift as it’s ideal for Christmas movie night treats, which many families love to have throughout the festive season.

You can find Swizzels sweets in lots of locations but did you know you can purchase them online from the Swizzels Shop – just pop over to see the collection. You’ll find tons of sweet hampers which you can personalise and send directly to the recipient. They have vegetarian and vegan hampers too, so no one has to miss out.   

You can get hampers with a really good mix of the retro sweets, with some of the newer ones in there as well, or you can order say, a whole hamper of Squashies if you aren’t keen on children having the lollies etc.

With free postage over £6.99, these hampers are an inexpensive way of telling a family (or general retro sweet fan) that you are thinking of them at Christmas. They will be grateful you’ve supplied the goods for a festive movie night and will all be able to indulge in their favourite Swizzels.

What’s your favourite? Do let me know in a comment below.


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