Things to do in Squamish with children: The Sea To Sky Gondola

As we approached the end of our Trans-Canadian road trip we experienced some of the most incredible views.

After leaving Whistler we stopped in Squamish before continuing onto Vancouver – our final stop. Squamish was a 45-minute drive from Whistler and stunning, as we came to expect from British Columbia.

One of the stops we made in Squamish was the Sea to Sky Gondola. We were there on a Saturday in the summer holidays and we arrived about 9.50am. There were no queues and we walked straight on. An hour later it had got much busier, so it seemed like a pretty good time to visit.

As the gondola takes off you are totally spoilt with the most amazing views. The ride up to the summit provides sweeping views of Howe Sound, the majestic coastal forest and surrounding mountains. It is simply stunning, a breathtaking journey we didn’t want to end.

Each gondola cabin can seat 8 passengers, so we were all able to experience this together. The gondolas feature a level entrance and exit point, making them wheelchair and stroller accessible.

I couldn’t get over the colours the day we travelled. The combination of the colour of the water and the sky, with the mountains in-between was so wonderful. It was one of my favourite views of our entire trip to Canada.

The gondola only takes 8 minutes to reach the summit, but once you are there, you can choose from a range of other things to do.

There are tons of trails to walk and explore. These vary in terms of their length and difficulty, so you can select what you have time for, or what best fits the ability of the group you are with.

We did the activity trail, Alpine Alley because it appealed to the children due to the obstacles and interactive nature. This took around 30 minutes. The children enjoyed the ropes, tunnels, slides and so on, as well as the Q&A around the trail. This really was a lot of fun, so a must if you have children from three upwards I would say.

If you are looking for something longer and more advanced, there are a number of backcountry trails which can be accessed, taking up to 8 hours to complete. You really do have the pick of some incredible routes once at the summit.

If you are feeling brave, want to push yourself, or just love a thrill and don’t want to miss more amazing views you need to walk across the The Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge – this is approximately 100 metres long and has a backdrop that falls away thousands of feet below, giving you a greater feeling of exposure and height. The Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge offers the most breathtaking 360 degree views of the mountains.

The bridge is open year-round. It is stroller and wheelchair accessible and is included with your day ticket or annual pass. The photo below really doesn’t do it justice – it was simply stunning!

If you are in need of a boost following all your adventures, there are lots of options for food and drink whilst at the summit. You can purchase things like coffee and cakes, sandwiches and wraps, sushi and tons of other hot and cold options. There is also The Edge Bar and you can relax inside or outside and take in more of the scenery.

If you’ve taken a picnic, that’s fine too as there are lots of picnic spots, including stationary disused gondola cabins which have been turned into picnic pods.

There is also a children’s playground, if your little ones have any energy left from exploring the summit. You can purchase tickets for the gondola on the day, but I always think it’s advisable to pre-book these things so you aren’t disappointed.

I honestly can’t recommend this place enough. The staff were great, the experience from start to finish was captivating and well…just look at that view!

Here’s a little taster of what it’s like on the Sea to Sky Gondola:


  1. The mountains we hike, bike, ski, and fly over has been in the making for almost a quarter of a billion years and were conceived at 25km below the Earth’s surface or, even more fantastic, parts of lush islands dragged to the BC coast by tectonic activity.

  2. That is so incredibly beautiful. That lake! I’m not sure I would have been as brave with the height though 🙂

  3. Oh, my. How beautiful! There is something enduringly amazing about a ride in a sky gondola no matter what age we are.

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