Choosing Christmas Crackers

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Do you love to pull a cracker at Christmas? Is Christmas dinner not complete without the bang of the crackers around the table? Read on to find out about some lovely Christmas crackers available this year.

These really are lovely, cuddly, cute crackers. Each cracker contains a soft, plush, furry and lovable Teddy Bear with keyring attachment. The Teddy Bear can either be cuddled and loved on its own, used as a keyring, or as a decoration on your Christmas tree.

Contents: a set of six 13-inch Christmas Crackers by Kuckoo Crackers. Each cracker contains a Teddy Bear (circa 9 cm in height), a party hat and a joke. Colours of Teddy Bears vary. – priced at £24.95

If the little teddies are not your thing, the same brand do a ton of other crackers from Build & Play to Music Box, to Spinning Bugs!

If these aren’t your thing, or you don’t want to pay that much for crackers, you could opt for something like the Racing Christmas Crackers, which double up as a fun family game. This box of 6 Elf Racing Crackers are perfect for a family activity around the dinner table on Christmas Day!

Each cracker contains a wind up Elf character, motto, hat & snap. The box contains the Racing Track so once all the crackers have been pulled, line up your Elves and let the fun begin! Also included is a winners trophy for the winning racing Elf, so keep your eyes on the prize! We’ve had these in the past and they are really good fun!

Or, you could use this kit below to make your own Christmas crackers.

Do you buy Christmas crackers? Do you go for the supermarket ones with the hats and rubbish jokes (these are the ones that remind me of Christmas as a child) or do you buy fancy crackers?


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