Gift ideas for swimmers

Have you got any swimmers in the family? If so, there will always be items they need or could benefit from, so you will always have a few gift ideas up your sleeves. Whether it’s a set of new sport water bottles, a spare pair of race goggles for emergencies, or a new kickboard for training, you can be sure to find something they need.

I’ve popped a few ideas below.

None of these items last forever, so if you have a family member who swims regularly or competitively, the bulk of these items will need replacing reasonably often. Some things last better than others. I used to be continuously replacing my daughters fins, as her feet grew so fast, but I’ve not had to for ages as growth seems to have stopped now. My husband has gone through tons of goggles recently, sometimes this is because you try a pair and they aren’t that great, sometimes it’s because they break and sometimes it’s because the anti-fog wears off and you can just no longer see anything very well.

The thing I probably buy the most often for my daughter are training costumes, these tend to not last very long as the chlorine in the water seems to eat them up. They become discoloured and many become see through quite quickly.

Things like kit bags, mesh bags for the poolside and lesser used items like snorkels, last much longer.

If your swimmer is an open water swimmer, there are other things you could get, such as a tow float or a dry robe – if you don’t want to splash out on the original dry robe, there are now tons of alternatives, as the Seashell, Oksun, or the Moonwrap.

If you are looking to buy gifts for swimmers, you can’t really go wrong with these practical things they need all the time.

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