How to Choose an Affordable Car Insurance Plan for Your Family?

So you think fuel prices are going up? Well, you haven’t looked at what auto insurance policies cost these days. Car insurance is expensive, but it is necessary. In the UK car insurance is compulsory and in almost every state in the US, it is mandatory to have liability insurance coverage. Accidents are bad, but getting in an accident without auto insurance could be your worst nightmare. 

There are many ways of getting a decent car insurance plan for yourself, but when you have a family with more than two active car insurance policyholders, then you need to choose your car insurance coverage wisely. There are many tips and practices that will help you save a lot of money on car insurance, and hassle when choosing a car insurance plan. From getting the right coverage, to bundling car insurance plans, here’s how to choose an affordable car insurance plan for your family. 

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Bundle Car Insurance Plans

When you have more than one insurance policy, or want to get multiple car insurance policies, it is better that you get it from the same company, as well by choosing a full-service insurer like Emerald Life. There are multiple benefits of doing this.

First, when you need to get multiple auto insurance policies for your family, buying it from a single company will get you major price cuts or discounts. You get great rates for insurance and the best part is, that you can manage all your policies from a single dashboard. 

Most insurance companies encourage you to get different insurance policies from a single company. Not only does it helps you save money, but managing these insurance policies, paying premiums, and making claims are all very easy and efficient. 

Get an Auto Insurance with Accident Forgiveness

Well, it goes without saying that no one wants to pay more for the same auto insurance coverage that everyone pays less for, but once you get in an accident or make an insurance claim, your insurance rates will sky-rocket. If your family has younger or teenage drivers, the chances of them getting in an accident are much higher than any adult. So what should you do? 

Get an auto insurance policy from an insurance company that also sells accident forgiveness add-ons. It does not cost much and for teenagers, this add-on is totally worth it. Accident forgiveness, as the name suggests, will forgive one accident. Here, “forgiveness” does not mean moral forgiveness, but monetary forgiveness. Even if you get in an accident, your insurance rates will not rise with an accident forgiveness add-on. 

Compare Prices

Getting a single auto insurance plan is expensive, but getting it for your family would cost you a fortune. This is why you should not go with the word of mouth or a company your uncle suggested. Do your research, compare different companies and look at their policy plans. 

Your goal should be to find not only the cheapest car insurance company, but it must offer great coverage as well. Once you buy an insurance policy, especially if you are going to bundle the insurance plans, getting out of it becomes very difficult. So it is better to be safe than sorry. Choose an affordable insurance company that has the right coverage for you and your family. 

Get Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Perhaps one of the most important auto insurance add-ons is the uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Since you need to make sure that your and your family’s auto insurance coverage limit is enough to pay for any accident, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage provides an extra layer of security to it. 

Let’s say that you or someone in your family gets in a car accident, and even though the driver at fault has liability coverage, it is not enough to cover the total cost of repairs to the vehicle and medical treatment. What should be done in this situation? 

Uninsured/underinsurance auto insurance is the policy that will kick in if the driver’s liability coverage is not enough to pay for the repairs or treatments, or the driver does not have liability coverage. UM/UIM can also be claimed in a hit-and-run scenario, which makes this insurance policy indispensable.

Increase Deductible, but Carefully

Insurance premium prices can be very high when you have multiple auto insurance plans, there is one way of reducing the cost, but it comes with another cost. A deductible is an amount that you will have to pay before the insurance company pays the rest of the insurance money. 

For example, if the cost of repairs is $5,000 and you have set the deductibles to be $1,000, in this case, you’ll have to pay $1,000 first after which the insurance company will pay the remaining $4,000. Here’s the important bit; if your deductibles are high, insurance premiums will be low, and vice versa. 

So when you keep your deductibles high, you will save money on insurance premiums. But in case of an accident, you’ll have to pay more from your pockets. This creates a tough spot for many people. Should they save money on premiums, or reduce the risk of paying more in an accident? 

Here’s what you can do. If you have teenagers or people who are more likely to get in an accident, keep their deductibles low while people with more driving experience can increase their deductibles to save money. This little thing can help you save a lot on auto insurance bills. 

So these were the practices and tips to make sure you don’t spend too much while getting a car insurance plan for your family. Make the right decision, get an affordable policy, and make sure you offer the right coverage for yourself and your family.

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