How to save money on food boxes: all the best offers

Have you ever tried a food box before? With the cost of living rising you might think these are not affordable, but with so many amazing introductory offers and the flexibility to cancel anytime, this isn’t the case. I’ve summarised all the best offers available at the moment below.


Gousto is probably my second favourite food box. I love the way the app and website are set out. They are super easy to navigate and the recipes are grouped in categories depending on your preferences or dietary requirements, so it’s really easy to navigate to say plant-based or gluten free meals.

I’ve never had any issues with the boxes we’ve received. Things are always well packaged and nothing has even been missing. They have some really great offers, making the boxes super good value for money.

Sign up to Gousto and receive 65% off your first box and 30% off your first month, just apply the discount code automatically to get this discount. You can pause or cancel anytime without hassle and you’ll receive further offers after a few weeks so you can try them out again.

Good for: vegetarian; healthy choices; dairy free; plant-based; quick meals; great offers

Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef are my absolute favourite food box company. We started having them in the first lockdown, partly because we sometimes struggled to get shopping and partly for something different. We have ours delivered on a Saturday, and we get two meals a week. We make a point of cooking these together, so it’s like date night in a box and we look forward to it every week.

The thing I love about Mindful Chef is that I don’t have to question the gluten as all the meals are both gluten and dairy free, so it’s just so easy. They have plenty of quick recipes if you are pressed for time and good vegetarian options too.

We’ve sent Mindful Chef boxes as gifts to people as well during lockdown – they make a really lovely gift and went down really well with our friends.

To get 25% off your first 4 boxes apply this code or enter in the discount code box and you will get your discount.

Good for: Gluten Free and Dairy Free; quality food; amazing flavours; treats and freebies

Hello Fresh

Of all the food boxes around Hello Fresh is most likely to be the one you’ve heard of. They are global, well established and have lots of celebrity endorsements. This of course doesn’t mean that they are the best. Of all the companies mentioned here, Hello Fresh are the ones I’ve had most issues with.

Whilst the bulk of the boxes have been fine, we had a run of bad luck with them, where recipes were missing key ingredients or things were damaged. Whilst the company were good at addressing the errors by offering credit to my account, this doesn’t really help in the moment as you then have to go out to buy the missing items, meaning getting a box in the first place was a little pointless!

As someone who has a gluten free diet I don’t find them that easy to choose recipes, they are not grouped in dietary requirements like other food boxes and you have to make sure you read the ingredients list carefully before ordering.

They do have really good offers and it seems that if you pause your subscription or cancel, they are quick to entice you back with lots more offers, so the bulk of the time it’s worth it. Here you can kick start things with £47 off your first few deliveries, click here to activate the deal.

Good for: Amazing and regular offers; lots of recipes

Green Chef

I’ve only recently discovered Green Chef, but I’ve been quite impressed so far. I’ve not had any problems with the orders and everything arrives beautifully fresh and well packaged. I think overall Green Chef are slightly pricier, but with the offers you don’t really notice that.

If you use this link you can get a total of £45 off your first three boxes. You can cancel anytime and deactivate your account, so even if you just want to try it out with the offer that’s fine as it’s so easy to cancel.

Good for: super fresh ingredients; good introductory offer; healthy recipes


I discovered Oddbox when trying to find a fruit and veg box service. There are lots, such as Riverfood Organic and Abel & Cole that won’t deliver to us. They are not recipe boxes but I thought they deserved a mention nonetheless as they are really wonderful.

The thing that struck me about Oddbox is their commitment to reducing waste and generally supporting the environment. Packages are delivered overnight and the boxes are packed full of delicious wonky fruit and vegetables that have been deemed too big, too small, the wrong shape or there have just been too many grown.

You can get £10 off your first box, which makes your fruit and veg super value, just follow this link to activate your £10 discount

Good for: lowering carbon footprint; reducing waste; improving the range of fruit and vegetables you eat

Why not take up one of these offers and try them out. One of the things you can do is try them all one by one to see which you prefer and that way you can benefit from all the introductory offers.

*Whilst I don’t work with any of these brands I will receive credit to my account for referring you. You can then do the same with your friends and family as you will receive your own referral code*


  1. Very interesting I have tried Hello Fresh I had a discount code from my daughter, but don’t think I would bother again. A lot of wasteful packaging, but have done some of the recipes myself

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