Hydrating and Supporting Skincare

As I get older I notice that my skin ‘drinks’ my moisturiser much more quickly, how about you? It can be hard to find products that hydrate your skin all day long, without leaving you with a greasy feeling.

Hemsley Organics – a British, vegan company creating organic, hydrating and supportive, reiki infused skincare which has been ‘Blessed by energy and nurtured by nature’ – think they’ve found the answer to lasting hydration in the form of their skincare products.

Their range includes a range of creams and serums to keep skin hydrated all day (or night if you are using the night cream).

About the products

Each product is packed tightly with ethically sourced organic ingredients and taking a transparent approach, their honest values are reflected within the exceptional ingredient lists that are toxin, paraben and harmful chemical free. Kind to both the skin and spirit!

The products are not diluted with normal water (as many are these days), instead they use rose water, which has vital antioxidant properties.

All products are suitable for all skin types. The range is directed at individuals who are looking for skincare that provides: Hardworking, Science Backed, Age supportive, Revolutionary, Organic, Natural and Effective Results.  If that’s you, read on to find out more.

The husband and wife team behind Hemsley, promise to deliver Clean, Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Sustainable skincare with No Nasties.

face and eye serum

What I tried

I’ve been using the Age Defying Intensive Face Serum and the Age Defying Intensive Eye Serum for a little while now. When things claim to be ‘age defying’ I actually just think that this means well-hydrated, as dehydrated skin tends to look older. So whilst I’m not going to tell you that these serums magically knocked a decade off me, they are keeping my skin very well hydrated.

The noticeable thing is how long this hydrated feeling lasts. I’ve been using the products twice a day BUT I did forget one day and I noticed that it didn’t seem to matter as my skin still looked and felt the same. Normally by the evening, my skin is crying out for more moisture.

The eye serum is an instant refresher that plumps, firms and brightens to support your under eye area. Antioxidant rich, this light and non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and effectively

• Supports collagen and elastin production 

• Hydrates skin and combats signs of fatigue

• Softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

• High in amino acids and Vitamin C

What I thought

I am very happy to admit that I don’t generally spend a huge amount of money on my skincare. I try not to be influenced by big claims brands make to try an get us to purchase their creams, lotions and serums and instead I exercise my research background, looking at the research available and pay close attention to the ingredients list on products.

Through approaching my skincare like this I know the ingredients that really matter and those that don’t, and I think I know when to spot something that’s overpriced nonsense. There are a number of big skincare brands out there charging people over £100 for products that have the same ingredients as other products priced under £5! This is wild – people pay the higher prices, for nothing!

I have a few key products I use, but I try to keep things fairly simple and natural. My general approach is that if I look at the ingredients list and there is a ton of stuff on there I can’t pronounce or have never heard of, I’m not about to put it on my face!

The ingredients list in these products is refreshing. They state they are 95% organic for a start and the bulk of the ingredients I’ve heard of before and can understand the reason for. I’m sure lots of people don’t pay any attention to the ingredients in skincare, but it’s something I’ve always done on the advice from a great aunt who had the most incredible skin all her life. She had the skin to back up the approach she used, which was fundamentally to keep things simple.

How do you approach your skincare? Do let me know in a comment below.

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