What if there were sweets that were actually good for teeth? Oh wait…Zollipops

How many times have you been to places with your children and they have been offered a lollipop? I have noticed over the last couple of years especially, that more often than not it’s a sticker they are offered now, as so many of us are concerned about the negative impacts of sweets on our children’s teeth – but still, sometimes they get offered a lolly, or maybe get them in a party bag.

What if your children could have a sweet or lolly without you feeling guilty about ‘damaging’ them in some way and ensuring that they protected those teeth and gums? Sounds good doesn’t it – who likes to say NO all the time anyway?

Have you heard about Zollipops?

Zollipops and ZaffiTaffy are the sweets parents don’t need to worry about. By having one after every meal or snack, these sweets can help to reduce the acidity in little mouths and therefore protect teeth. Protecting your child’s teeth is extremely important, as it will impact their teeth’s growth from a young age. You wouldn’t want them to get cavities and tooth decay and have to suffer from dreaded trips to the dentist to pluck their teeth out. As such, it is more important than ever to watch out for what they eat, and drop by good dental clinics; booking an appointment with this Newmarket Dental Care clinic is recommended, along with a good diet plan.

After a meal or sugary snack, our mouths can become very acidic. This acidic environment gives little cavity monsters just what they need to run around spreading tooth decay and weakening/softening tooth enamel. You may have heard it’s not good to brush immediately after a meal; that’s because the enamel is soft due to acidity.


So you can see these were a total hit with my tribe, especially this little fella. They come in a few different flavours to satisfy all taste buds. If lollipops aren’t their thing there is always the ZaffiTaffy, chewy ‘sweets’ with the same effect.

Good for you?

Not only are Zollipops and ZaffiTaffy good for teeth, they’re also good for little ones in other ways! Each Zollipop is made from all natural ingredients and are sugar free. They use natural sweeteners such as Xylitol and Erythritol, two favourites with dentists.

Parents don’t need to worry about giving children sweets anymore!

So what’s the science? ​Click here to read some interesting studies about Xylitol and Erythritol the two main ingredients that make Zollipops good for your teeth.

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Caring for teeth

As a parent, looking after your child’s teeth can be one of those daily ‘challenges‘ – especially if you have a reluctant brusher, a stage so many children go through. It’s also important, not only to make sure they brush well, but also at the best times. Brushing straight after after eating for example is not advised.

On school days our children brush their teeth then they eat their breakfast, then later in the day they brush at school. Do any of you have tooth brushing initiatives in your children’s schools? In the evening they brush before they go to bed and don’t rinse their mouths, to ensure the toothpaste keeps working whilst they are sleeping.

What do you think about the idea behind Zollipops?

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