Decorating a Kid’s Room for Less: 9 Top Tips

When you have kids, it can feel like you’re always in the process of redecorating their bedroom. While an adult’s bedroom doesn’t need redecorating that often, a child is constantly reaching new milestones, and their bedroom needs to reflect that.

The problem is that bedroom décor and furniture like kids tables and chairs isn’t always cheap. If you’re going to redecorate every couple of years, it’s important to find the most affordable methods, including the nine following tips. That way, your child won’t be left with baby stickers long after their fifth birthday!

1: Paint or Wallpaper the Room Yourself

You don’t need to hire a professional to paint or wallpaper your kid’s bedroom – not when it’s so easy to do it yourself! Even if you have never put wallpaper up before, plenty of online resources help you. Try out this beginner’s guide to wallpapering your home, which will help you get a perfect finish without the need to prior experience. With this talent under your belt, you can choose many different colours, patterns, and designs, allowing you to transform your child’s room with just one task!

2: Get Crafty with the Décor

Buying décor items is pricey, so why not create your own? You can knit stuffed animals, craft your baby mobile, and paint your own ceramics to add more interest to the space for less money. There are plenty of excellent DIY tutorials online to help you out!

3: Don’t go Overboard with Furniture

Children only really need the basics of bedroom furniture – a bed, desk, and chair. By keeping it simple, you avoid spending too much money on furniture. Plus, your little one will have more room to crawl around and play.

4: Decorate with Items You Already Own

You don’t have to buy a bunch of new stuff to decorate the room. Instead, decorate with items you and your little one already own! For example, you could have a shelf displaying your child’s favourite toys. If you have some paintings or drawings that your kid did at school, frame them and hang them up.

5: Let Your Child Decorate

Let your kid have the time of their life by letting them decorate themselves. Sure – it might not provide the cleanest result, but it will be fun, and they will love it! Getting a couple of different paint colours and letting them do it themselves (perhaps finishing with handprints!) will be a cheerful and cheap way to change the walls. You could even paint a wall white and let them draw all over it however they see fit!

6: Combine Décor with Storage

Your kid’s bedroom needs a lot of storage. To avoid spending money on both decorations and storage, combine the two. For example, you could paint the shelves different colours to brighten the space.

7: Upcycle the Old Furniture

You don’t have to buy new furniture every time your child grows up a little more. Upcycling old furniture is a cheap and effective way to avoid paying a large amount for a new desk, bed, or armchair. Plus, it’s more sustainable!

If your child has a desk with butterfly and princess stickers on, but they no longer enjoy that theme, you can make the desk look new by removing the stickers and adding a lick of paint or varnish. The same goes for shelves – a new coat of paint will add a brand-new colour to match your kid’s current preference.

8: Move the Furniture Around

Does your child want a new room, but they don’t need one? Moving the furniture around is one way to make the room feel fresh without spending a penny. Simply moving the bed from one side of the room to the other, along with the other major bedroom furniture, will give the space a whole new feel. Go a step further by updating the bedding, and your child will have a bedroom that feels like new!

9: Pick a Theme that Stands the Test of Time

A child’s bedroom inevitably changes more than an adult’s. Select a bedroom theme that stands the test of time to make redecorating a little lighter on the wallet. If you pick a theme that only reflects your child’s current phase, they will want their bedroom changed before long. However, if you choose a universally loved theme, such as wildlife, you won’t have to overhaul the entire theme in a couple of months’ time.

Decorating your child’s room should be a fun experience, so don’t let it drain your whole bank account! With a little forward-planning and creative thinking, you can create the bedroom of your child’s dreams, even on a budget.

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