Do you Know the Science Behind CBD Cream?


Everyone wants to lead a life, rid of all kinds of physical pains. For those suffering from chronic pain, most of the treatments are accompanied by several side effects. Some include stomach issues and bleeding in extreme cases.

That is where CBD creams from have come into the limelight. Researchers continue to study this cannabinoid and find new benefits associated with it every day. Studies suggest that CBD works with the nervous system to reduce pain and inflammation, though the exact dose for specific purposes is still in the process of being figured out.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the various cannabinoids present in the Cannabis plant. The most famous cannabinoid that we all know of is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), notable for its psychoactive traits. CBD is an essential component of Marijuana but does not cause any high by itself. Unlike THC, CBD can ease your pain without the fear of causing any high or addiction. It usually affects the same way whether you apply it topically or ingest it by mouth.

The Science Behind CBD Cream

CBD creams have numerous benefits though they are usually used for alleviating skin conditions and help with muscle soreness. Many people today have experimented with using CBD creams to manage their pain. When a CBD cream is applied to your skin, it gets absorbed and penetrates the dermal and subdermal layers, resulting in a chemical reaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

CBD activates the ECS (endocannabinoid system) of the body responsible for pleasure, pain, appetite, and immune response. After application, CBD binds with the cell receptors existing in the skin, muscle, and nerves to modulate pain. After applying CBD cream to the skin, the cannabinoid is absorbed but does not enter the bloodstream. The CB1 receptors in our tissues interact with the brain and TRPV receptors, which alleviate pain and inflammation.

Meaning CBD reduces your pain without causing you a high sensation, unlike THC.

The Benefits of Applying CBD Cream

Though a lot more research needs to be closed on the impact of CBD on the skin, the study done so far has shown promising results. CBD creams can help relieve chronic pains and are full of nutrients. Here are the many ways users are benefitting from the positives of CBD cream:

1) Relief from Pain and Inflammation

With the passing years, the aches and pains in our bodies keep increasing. The onset of arthritis and osteoporosis happens around your mid-40s and continues to haunt you for a lifetime. These cause severe pain and discomfort. CBD creams can aid in reducing this kind of pain by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Reducing the pain warms up the pain-affected area and provides relief, which is why many older people are turning to the use of CBD creams for their joint-related pains. CBD creams can reduce different kinds of pain associated with peripheral neuropathy and jaw pains as well.

2) Provides Essential Nutrients

CBD creams have a multitude of phytonutrients in them. Some examples of these phytonutrients are Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D, E, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Zinc. They also contain Essential Fatty Acids that the body can produce by itself.

These nutrients help maintain the elasticity of the skin and texture by repairing its collagen and elastin content. CBD creams can also help fight acne by controlling excessive oil production and protect it from harmful UV rays. At the same time, the pivotal amino acids present in these creams can help fight wrinkles by locking in moisture.

3) Can Heal the Skin

Painful skin conditions such as Psoriasis or Eczema cause immense discomfort and sensations of itchiness for those suffering from them. CBD creams help subside the uneasiness by having a cooling effect as they are anti-inflammatory. They also support relaxation and provide the necessary comfort that can help an individual sleep well.

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What to look for in a CBD Cream

Here are some of the several factors to consider before making purchases:


A good CBD cream will display the dosage of it present in it. Depending on its potency, the dosage varies from 3mg to 8mg and should be used as per treatment or prescription. For those new to CBD, it is advised they start with the lowest dose cream before upgrading to higher doses.

Organic Ingredients

More people want to know what takes place during the manufacturing of the products they are purchasing. They demand to know if their skin creams are organic and vegan and not causing harm to the environment in any way. Some CBD extraction processes can involve harsh chemicals that can settle up in the end product. These may harm the skin and cause reactions.


Price range is a necessary factor to be looked out for before buying a CBD cream. Some creams can be rather expensive if you need to buy them often. Furthermore, a product may not be of the best quality just because it is more pricey. Researching what works best for you is always essential.


So far, there are limited studies that have been conducted on the effects of CBD creams. Research work is being done constantly to pave a way to recognise CBD’s true potential in providing pain relief. Even so, many people have turned to using CBD creams to counteract the side effects of chemotherapy or arthritic joints. The only problem is that consumers are not patient enough for clinical trials. It can be risky to slather on any kind of CBD creams without understanding what the ingredients are or the complications they can cause.

Consumer awareness is the key to people understanding and being comfortable using CBD creams. Educating yourself about everything related to the product you are purchasing, from brand to the ingredients, is crucial. Third-party certifications are vital to be looked for on the bottle or jar before making any purchases, online or off-the-shelf.

Who knows, perhaps in the future, CBD creams may even be legally allowed to contain THC or opioids for maximum effects. Until then, we are still at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding this compound.

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