Father’s Day: gift ideas

As Father’s Day approaches, are you wondering what to get the Daddy’s in your life?

Like any other gift buying time, you can go as over the top or as understated as you like.

I tend to think that it is more about the sentiment behind what you have done as opposed to how much it cost, but everyone will have their own ideas about what is best for the men in their life.


I’ve included a few suggestions below incase anyone is struggling this year:

  • One of the children’s drawings on a canvas
  • A favourite photograph on canvas
  • A digital photo frame pre- loaded with family photos
  • Fingerprint cufflinks
  • A travel kit
  • Breakfast in bed
  • A picnic in the park or a favourite family spot
  • Something smelly like Escentric Molecules
  • A hamper made up of all their favourite food and drink to be consumed on the day
  • Tokens made by the children that can be cashed in over the next year for things like, a kick about in the park, piggy back races or anything else your little ones can dream up

What is your approach to Father’s Day?

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  1. I love the idea of the tokens.. I prefer sentiment over extravagance when it comes to gifts from our little monkey. I also think it teaches them a valuable lesson. Thanks for sharing 🙂 #TheList.

  2. Such lovely ideas. Love the tokens idea – would never have thought of that – and I’m a big fan of lots of photos… Ooooh might do a photo book…Thanks for sharing #thelist

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