Everything that benefits and makes life easier in society and in addition bears material profit, is important to a person.  Knowledge, skills, personal brand – all these intangible concepts are combined into the term “symbolic capital”, which, as a result of the correct approach, will also bring financial benefits.  This process works in a combination of three important areas: education, social connections, and personal productivity.

There are companies like JKR that can give a beginner self-investor a consultation and put his plan of action on the shelves so that each investment is promising and profitable.

Self-education – as the first step to a successful investment in yourself

New knowledge is the key to a successful career. This means financial independence, well-being, and an increase in professional and social status.

Education provides more opportunities to realise oneself: for example, to find an additional source of income.

It will also help to acquire the ability not to get lost in unusual and complex tasks – thanks to the habit of looking for and applying the necessary information.

And most importantly, knowledge and skills are the most reliable asset, it is impossible to lose it.  However, in the modern world, knowledge quickly becomes obsolete, so it needs to be updated regularly.  Especially when it comes to investments.

The influence of social connections in the process of investing in yourself

In our world, the concept of image is of great importance. A person will have to prove every time that they are a competent professional and pleasant person to talk to. This is a kind of social “advance” that makes life easier and can be transformed into money.

The accumulated social capital will make it easier to change jobs, find an employee, a business partner, or an investor for a project.

Building a personal brand is the best investment in yourself

The image in the eyes of other people is especially important for public, creative people, business owners and start-ups, as well as all expert professionals.

Associations that arise when a particular name is mentioned can and should be managed.  Here’s how to get started building your personal brand:

1. Assessment of forces.  

In the process of working on a personal brand, the investor should regularly publish content, defend their position in the comments, communicate and meet new people online and live, speak at conferences, etc.

2. Testing ideas. 

The brand must reflect the values ​​of the creator. What do they like and know-how? What is an expert/professional? What values ​​do they share?  How are they different from others? These questions will help to understand what needs to be said to the public.

3. Determination from the target audience. 

What kind of people are the target audience of the future self-investor and where to find them?  The easiest place to start is the Internet: social networks, thematic and industry-specific online resources.

No productivity, no profit

Correct allocation of time for work and rest is very important.

But when scheduling for the day, it is worthwhile to prioritise and concentrate on important matters.

So it is worth remembering to rest. Every person who has engaged in self-investment needs a reboot, which will help to relax mentally and physically. Such a vacation will help the investor look at everything from a different angle and this can give rise to new profitable ideas.

Productivity allows everyone to intelligently allocate time and effort, achieve goals and not burn out. The main thing is to choose the right time management system and be sure to take some time to rest.

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