Orange Essential Oil: All You Need To Know |2022|

The orange essential oil has emerged as one of the most popular, elevating, and refreshing essential oils available in the market. This essential oil comes with a plethora of benefits and a range of uses. 

The commercial orange essential oil is a by-product of orange juice, which gets extracted from the orange zest. This tangy essential oil is neither too watery nor too heavy in terms of consistency, and its colour ranges from orange to pale yellow. 

When using an orange essential oil hair and skin will get the most benefit. Today, it’s an active ingredient in multiple haircare, skincare, and cleaning products. Thanks to its alluring sweet fragrance, it’s considered a perfect choice for aromatherapy. 

There is more to learn about this essential oil, so keep reading. 

Orange Essential Oil: Common Uses 

There are various uses of orange essential oils, which helped it earn the title of “miracle oil.” If you’re wondering, “orange essential oil benefits for hair or “does it uplift mood,” you’re right. It has applications to:

  • Treat skin conditions like acne
  • Relieve stomach upset
  • Uplift mood or alleviate stress
  • Reduce inflammation or pain
  • Add aroma to products or rooms
  • Be used as a natural household cleaner
  • Give flavour to a range of foods and beverages

Orange Essential Oil: Key Benefits 

Now that you know a few ways to use orange oil, it’s best to learn what potential benefits they offer. 

Antimicrobial Activity 

According to a 2012 study, orange oil was used on E. coli isolates (from beef) to see its effect. The result showed that the orange oil (1% or lower concentration) inhibited the bacteria present in the isolates. 

Other research studied the effects of orange oil on the strains of staph bacteria, which are antibiotic-resistant. When they added orange essential oil to the infected human cells, it killed the staph bacteria without affecting any other cultured cells. 

Also, an orange essential oil can be used to block the fungi growth, which would have otherwise spoiled the food. A study discovered that orange oil ensures some optimal protection against four species of fungi. 

Depression and Anxiety 

You can effectively reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety by using orange essential oil during aromatherapy

According to a 2013 study, an orange essential oil used during aromatherapy was a lot beneficial in lowering the stress hormone levels and pulse rate in children. 

Moreover, in a 2015 study, it was found that women in labour who inhaled orange essential oil had less anxiety than the women who inhaled distilled water. 

In 2019, a study was conducted on mice to see the potential effect of inhaling orange essential oils on depression. It was found that the mice showed minimal depression-like behaviour after inhaling the orange oil. 

Relief From Pain 

According to a 2017 study, people having boine features were asked to inhale orange essential oil to see whether it helps with pain or not. People inhaling orange oil reported less pain than those in a control group. 

In 2008, a study was conducted to see whether the application of a blend of orange essential oil and ginger on the skin can reduce knee pain. People using the orange essential oil blend experienced greater relief from pain than those in a control group. 

Antioxidant and Anticancer Activity 

A study was conducted to see whether limonene (an orange essential oil component) can help treat cancer. A 2012 study discovered that limonene-rich orange oil products inhibit growth and promote the death of colon cancer cells. 

A 2017 study discovered that orange oil prohibits the growth of prostate and lung cancer cell lines. After evaluating the lung cancer cell line, increased cell death was found. It was concluded that orange oil has antioxidant and anticancer properties. 

Exercise Performance 

According to a small 2016 study, inhalation of orange oil by student-athletes had some effects. The study found that athletes who inhaled the essential oil had a noticeable reduction in running times and enhanced lung functionality. 

Weight Loss

A 2019 study conducted on mice assessed the effects of orange essential oil on weight management. They found that obese rats that ate orange oil capsules significantly reduced their weight and cholesterol level. 

However, still more research is needed to determine whether orange oil can have a similar effect on humans or not. 

Insecticidal Activity 

According to a 2012 study, researchers found some prominent results after using an orange essential oil on housefly pupae and larvae. The result showed that it had insecticidal properties through both fumigation and contact. 

Final Words 

The orange essential oil comes with plenty of benefits for both cosmetic and health concerns. When considering such essential oils for your enhanced skin health, buy them from one of the most reputed online brands. 

So, get the most out of this guide and leverage the benefits of orange oil. 

FAQs – 

  1. Is orange essential oil toxic to the human body?

No, orange essential oil is a non-irritating and non-toxic oil that comes with no side effects. You can use them on the skin without any fear or hassle. 

  1. Is it possible to inhale orange oil?

Yes, you can safely inhale orange essential oil by using an aromatherapy vaporizer or diffuser or by sprinkling a few drops on a tissue or a cloth. To enjoy a therapeutic and citrusy soak, you can add drops of orange oil to a warm bath. 

  1. Do orange oil products consist of any antioxidants? 

Yes, orange seed oils consist of considerable amounts of antioxidants and bioactive compounds, which makes them ideal for use in diet. 

  1. Can I use orange oil on my dry skin? 

Yes, you can use a sweet orange essential oil on dry skin. In fact, it can be used on all skin types: dry, oily, or a combination of both. 

  1. Can I use orange oil in my hair? 

Yes, orange oil has a high moisturizing effect on your hair shaft, protecting it from turning brittle, dull, and rough. It also helps to enhance your scalp and hair texture. 


  1. I love aromatherapy oils and frequently use lavender oil but never thought to use Orange oil. Thank you for a very informative and interesting post.

  2. I love the fragrance of all citrus, especially orange, but had no idea it had so many additional benefits. Thank you for the post.

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