Party Wall Surveyor Essex – Experts Tips for Builders

Party wall surveyors play a major role in the construction of a project that touches on a party wall, which is why every builder or constructor should work closely with them. Whether you are doing a simple renovation or building a new structure near the border of another house in England or Wales, plan on how to work with a party wall surveyor in Essex to have a smooth renovation.

So, what do you need to know about a party wall surveyor in Essex as a builder? Well, this article will guide you through the process.

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Understand the Law and Regulations

Builders should understand the laws and regulations around the 1996 Party Wall Act. It gives clear guidelines on party wall matters in Essex and the rest of England and Wales. As a builder, this will help you to advise clients and guide other stakeholders where necessary. It can also save you from making costly mistakes and find the right party wall surveyor in Essex to work with, whether you are building a new house, renovating, or doing extensions for a client.

Work with Qualified Surveyors

Builders should work closely with a qualified party wall surveyor in Essex. Teamwork and collaboration are necessary to complete a construction project successfully. Humphreysandsons can be your professional surveyors and also architects in a construction project you are undertaking. If you have a choice, you can bring your preferred surveyors to offer guidance and also play other roles such as helping with architectural work and building permission application.

Provide Detailed Plans

If you already have detailed plans of the structure you are building or renovating, the party wall surveyor in Essex will be glad to look at them and figure out all issues or plans. Surveyors are tasked with understanding the impact of your structure in relation to party wall matters, serving affected parties with notice, and handling any legal matters.

Detailed plans will help them to plan and do all that they are required to do. They can also use this to request amendments before the construction starts or to prevent costly mistakes.

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Hold Regular Meetings with Party Wall Surveyor Essex

Construction projects involving many parties require regular meetings to touch base and discuss all aspects of the project including the party wall matters. So, plan regular meetings with the party wall surveyor in Essex, especially during the construction phase of a structure that touches the party wall.

Such meetings allow all parties to address any arising part wall concerns, predict challenges that might come later, and most importantly, meet all legal guidelines related to the party wall.

Follow Ethical Practices

Even when working with party wall surveyor in Essex, builders should follow ethical practices. Luckily, most surveyors in the region are professional and will definitely guide you professionally.

As a builder, you should not deviate from ethical construction behaviour, especially when dealing with party wall matters. This will maintain the integrity of the structure and also meets the requirements for building near party walls.

Last Words

Builders play a crucial wall in a construction project, just as a party wall surveyor does. The two should work in harmony to ensure that the structure meets all the laws and regulations governing the sharing of party walls. This should result in a successful project.

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  1. In recent years it’s been determined that common law rights are not extinguished by the existence of the Party Wall Act. This has a huge impact on the meaning of the Act. The ‘building owner’ is, of course, central to anything involving party wall law. A building owner is defined as ‘an owner of land who is desirous of exercising rights under the Act’ But if, as we now know, you can exercise your common law rights in lieu of rights under the 1996 Act, you can, in the majority of cases, simply ignore the Act. (My website explains it all!)

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