Teeth clenching? Do you need to see a dentist?

Did you wake up with headaches, neck pain, or sore teeth? You could have bruxism and be unconsciously clenching teeth while you sleep. You may not even know about: grinding, gnashing, or clenching teeth while you sleep.

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The need to visit the dentist

Teeth are an important part of the body. Pain in teeth can irritate you and disturbs sleep patterns.

TIP: Take your thumb or finger and feel it along with the edges of your upper and lower teeth. Feel for rough patches and little chips along the edges. Press down and make a note of anywhere you feel pain. This could be in the head, ears, eyes or neck.

Choice of dentist

The choice of the dentist can be a difficult decision, especially if you are a nervous patient. We always want to go and get treatment from a trustworthy dentist, who will listen to our concerns and give quality advice and treatment. One option if you are in London is the Hammersmith dentist.

Visiting the dentist regularly can help prevent problems from becoming too serious. Dentists can give you tips to try things at home, to prevent problems from becoming worse.

Other things to help your teeth stay healthy

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In order to keep your teeth and gums healthy, there are a few things that everyone can do, for example:

  • Eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet.
  • Engage in regular exercise.
  • Maintain a low consumption of alcohol.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Avoid recreational drugs.
  • Try to sleep well.

These habits can help you stay relaxed, reducing your teeth clenching, and helping you live a long, healthy life.


  1. An interesting post. Thank you. I wish I had known about bruxism when I was very young. I now use a bite guard provided by my dentist to protect my teeth at night.

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