Top 20 Holiday Jobs for Teens: Gain Experience and Earn Money

The holiday season is an excellent opportunity for teenagers to gain valuable work experience, earn some extra cash, and develop essential skills. Whether you’re looking to save for university, gain independence, or explore different career paths, there are plenty of holiday job options available. In this article, I will explore the top 20 holiday jobs for teens, providing a range of opportunities to suit various interests and abilities.

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Car Wash Attendant:

Working at a car wash allows teens to gain customer service skills while keeping vehicles clean. This is a satisfying job, where attention to detail is required. If your teen has an interest in cars, or car care, or they are good at cleaning, this may be a great holiday job for them, plus, pressure washers are lots of fun to use and very satisfying.

Retail Sales Associate:

Working in retail allows teens to learn about customer service, sales, and inventory management. I worked in retail at weekend and during the holidays for a few years and gained lots of valuable experience. Depending on the place they are working, they might be able to benefit from store discounts.

Restaurant Server or bar staff:

The food service industry provides hands-on experience in a fast-paced environment. This can be very demanding, and can involve late nights and long hours. Sometimes teens can top up their pay with tips if they are good at the job.

Babysitter or Nanny:

Caring for children can be a rewarding and flexible job option for responsible teens. I spent one summer as an Au Pair in France when I was 17, working for a French family, and another summer when I was 20 as a nanny to four children. I also used to baby sit for my parents friends at weekends.

Pet Sitter or Dog Walker:

Animal lovers can earn money by taking care of pets or walking dogs during the holidays. If your teen is experienced with animals, or wants to get into animal care, this may be worth considering.


Academically inclined teens can offer tutoring services in subjects they excel in. There are lots of parents out there who will happily pay for academic teens with good communication skills to tutor their children. This can be offered remotely or face-to-face, to increase the possibilities of getting clients.

Lawn Care and Yard Maintenance:

Assisting with lawn care and yard maintenance can be a physically active job option. If your teen helps you out in the garden, knows how to work a lawn mower and knows a plant from a weed, this job could be ideal for them. This may be especially nice if it’s the summer as the weather should be better, so an outdoor job might be nice.

Grocery Store worker:

Grocery stores often hire extra staff during the holidays to help with stocking and customer service. Some large chains like to have staff in over night to re-stock shelves. If your teen likes to sleep in the day, this may suit them well.

Event Staff:

Teens can work as event staff at holiday parties, concerts, or community events. The festival scene has picked up again now post-Covid19. Festivals always need staff to direct traffic, clean toilet blocks, serve food and beverages and so on. The bonus here is your teen will be able to enjoy the live music and atmosphere too!

Holiday Decorator:

Assisting with holiday decorations and setups can be a creative and festive job opportunity. This could be especially useful if your teen can get clients living in the same streets. Word-of-mouth is likely to help in getting clients here.

Movie Theatre Attendant:

Photo by Meg Boulden on Unsplash

Working at a movie theatre allows teens to experience the entertainment industry first-hand. If they are movie fans this might be for them. Many cinemas offer discounts to movies, special offers or previews to films.

Play worker/sports club operator:

During school holidays, teens can work as play workers, or sports co-ordinators, organising activities for younger children. Plan ahead and apply for a DBS to make sure they have the clearance in time.


For teens with strong swimming skills, becoming a lifeguard at a local pool or beach can be a rewarding job. Teens will need the lifeguard qualification to do this job, so make sure to plan ahead to get this done. There is a cost to this, but often they can offer to pay back the cost of the course via working the equivalent hours. Check with your local pool.

Farmhand or Agricultural Worker:

Teens interested in farming and agriculture can find work opportunities on local farms. Many farmers need additional help over the summer and if your teen loves being outdoors, this could be for them.

Personal Assistant:

Assisting busy individuals with errands, organisation, and administrative tasks can be a flexible job option. I did this for a couple of summers as a teenager. The pay was good and I gained all sorts of transferable skills.

Delivery Driver:

With the rise of online shopping, many companies require extra help with deliveries during the holidays. If your teen has passed their test and has access to a car, this may well be something they can consider.

Museum or Zoo Attendant:

Working in a museum or zoo provides opportunities to learn about history, science, or animal care. Especially useful for anyone looing for a job relating to history, or animals. Aspiring vets, for example might gain valuable experience in a zoo.

Office Assistant:

Teens can gain valuable administrative and organisational skills by working as office assistants. They can sign up with agencies for temping jobs and cover summer leave for regular employees. It could be reception work or general office tasks.

Sports Camp Instructor:

For teens with a passion for sports, working as a camp instructor can be a rewarding experience. There are some UK camps around, but equally teens can apply for things like Camp America, which is a great opportunity.

Social Media Assistant:

Helping businesses manage their social media accounts can be a job option for tech-savvy teens. These days they might not even need to be in an office, they could be working remotely for a company in another country.

Final Thoughts:

The holiday season offers a range of job opportunities for teens to gain valuable experience, earn money, and develop important skills. Whether it’s working in retail, providing services to others, or exploring niche industries, there are options to suit different interests and abilities. By taking advantage of these holiday jobs, teens can build their CVs, learn about the working world, and develop transferable skills that will benefit them in future endeavours.


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