Why Are Brits Moving to Australia?

Why is it that Brits are making the move to Australia? Is it because they can get better pay and better lifestyle? Or are they making the move because they want to work in a more multicultural environment? Here are some reasons you should consider making the move to Australia. You might even be able to live in a city with more internationals than your hometown, such as Cairns. Read on to find out more.

Why the trend of Britons are moving to Australia

The United Kingdom and Australia signed a free trade agreement in June, which could have long-term effects on the HR of both countries. Under the agreement, most tariffs between the countries will be removed, making it easier for British citizens under 35 to work and travel to Australia. The free trade deal will also increase recruiting opportunities in both countries. Here are some reasons why we see the trend of Brits moving to Australia.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics website, ”In 2020, those born in England (980,400 people) continued to be the largest group of overseas-born residents, accounting for 3.8% of Australia’s total population.” This suggests that every year the more Britons are heading down under permanently.

The countries have very close ties despite fierce rivalry in sport between England and Australia. The thousands of Australians and Britons who travel to other parts of the globe in search of new lives cement this bond.

Many people see it as a dream to travel and settle in a foreign country. Britons love the outdoors, sun, and sense of space. Australians like the history, adventure, and proximity to Europe.

While a large portion of migrants settle down in their new country, not everyone does.

In recent years, Australia has loosened its immigration policies towards foreign nationals. In the past, it welcomed skilled migrants and transformed itself into a multicultural society. In the case of the new policy, the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, presented it as a reaction to the problem of overcrowding in the country’s major cities, causing congested roads, higher housing prices, and other problems. The Australian Prime Minister, however, stated that the move was necessary to preserve the quality of life in the country.

Making the move to Canberra

Moving to Canberra could be a great idea if you enjoy living in a city that is low density, yet close to nature. Canberra is considered Australia’s “bush capital,” and is similar to midsize cities surrounded by nature. You can find plenty of things to do, including recreational activities, if you are interested in outdoor recreation. However, be prepared that you may not be welcomed into local communities unless you have a security clearance. For this reason, it may be beneficial to get a little information about the country and its culture before you move to Canberra.

Many private companies in Canberra interface with the government, so if you’re looking for employment, you’ll still have options. Among the private sector employers, the Commonwealth Government is the largest, and there are also plenty of opportunities in the private sector. Whether you’re looking for a full-time or part-time position, there are many ways to make the most of your new city. You might even find a job that allows you to commute via bike or public transport. Relocating around Canberra with a Canberra removalist can cost $120 per hour.

Making the move to Melbourne

While moving to a new city can be exciting, there are many things to consider before making the move to Melbourne in Australia. The climate in Melbourne is mild, and there are many free events happening throughout the city on weekends. In addition, you will find that the nightlife in Melbourne is incredibly vibrant. Whether you plan on staying for a year or just a few months, Melbourne has something for everyone.

If you love sports, making the move to Melbourne in Australia could be an excellent choice. Melbourne hosts four AFL matches each week, attracting 40,000 fans to the city. There are a variety of major teams that play in Melbourne, including Carlton, Collingwood, Essendon, Hawthorn, Richmond, and the Western Bulldogs. The city also has some of the best shopping in the world. If you find yourself in Melbourne and would like a change of scenery to somewhere a bit warmer like Brisbane. An interstate removal Brisbane removalist can get you between the 2 locations from $4000 depending on the space of belongings you require to be moved.

Making the move to Sydney

If you’re considering relocating to Sydney, it’s an excellent choice for career driven white collar crowd as it is the business hub of Australia. Besides having some of the best job opportunities in the country, Sydney is also a diverse city with industries ranging from health care to hospitality. It doesn’t hurt to have the inside scoop from a local.

Compared to other capital cities, Sydney offers better public transportation. The inner-suburban tram line is constantly being extended to accommodate more commuters. However, if you prefer to drive, Sydney is home to Australia’s largest car share network, GoGet. With this service, you can forgo owning a car and instead use a member-only car for a nominal fee. Releasing your need entirely of car ownership, saving you plenty of money. Sydney is big and dense and relocating in or around Sydney, you can expect to pay $65 per half hour to hire professional Sydney removalists.

Making the move to the Gold Coast

Britons love the outdoors and if you were to move to Australia, getting away from the gloomy clouds of the UK might be the reason for you to settle in the Gold Coast. Its climate is perfect for outdoor activities and the country boasts some of the cleanest beaches in the world. Many of the best beaches in Australia are on the north and south coasts, and they are ideal for swimming, with water temperatures averaging around 24oC. These beaches are also chemical-free, and the waves replenish them to keep them as clear as possible. However, don’t forget to lather up with UPF 50+ sunscreen as the sun in Australian can be very unforgiving. Moving from Perth to Gold Coast is by far the farthest of the big cities and if you make a switch from West to East then you can expect to pay a Perth to Gold Coast removalist at least $12000 to move your house contents.

There are many benefits to moving to Australia with children. Australia is a multicultural country, and children will thrive in this environment. They will enjoy outdoor activities and entertainment complexes, and they will have access to great museums and art galleries. It’s easy to find friends for your children in Australia, so you’ll be able to make new friends easily. The culture and difference between Britons and Australians are not too great which is why there seems to be a brotherly bond between the 2 nations. So, you can be sure the country is also a great place to raise a family.


  1. I am sure that Australia is a fine place to live but I personally think that the UK is far better!

  2. It is somewhere I would like to visit, but don’t think I could bare to leave the UK forever!

  3. Very funny I came across this post because my husband always jokes about moving to Australia. One of our neighbours just did as well. I guess we’re just after better weather

  4. There’s no way I could ever move to Australia, I get homesick just going away for a few days lol

  5. Thank you for the info I would love to travel to Aus mainly for the weather and outside space but for there there is something about a cold frost morning, a 400 year old pub, wonky walls with great beer in front of a roaring fire with your friends and also so doable to have coffee in Paris, lunch in Prague then eve dinner in Pizza….

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