Winter Wonderland Adventure: How to Plan a Lapland Holiday with Kids

Lapland, with its stunning snow-covered landscapes, enchanting forests, and the chance to meet Santa Claus himself, is a dream destination for families during the winter season. Planning a Lapland holiday with kids can be an unforgettable experience that creates cherished memories for a lifetime. In this article, I will guide you through the essential steps to plan a magical Lapland holiday with your children, ensuring that every moment is filled with wonder and joy.

Photo by Simon Smith on Unsplash

1. Set Your Travel Dates:

Lapland is a winter wonderland from November to April, with December being the most popular month due to the festive season. Decide when you’d like to go based on your family’s schedule and the activities you want to experience. Keep in mind that Lapland can be quite cold, so be prepared for sub-zero temperatures.

2. Choose Your Lapland Destination:

Lapland spans across multiple countries, including Finland, Sweden, and Norway. Rovaniemi, Finland, is often considered the official hometown of Santa Claus and a popular starting point for Lapland adventures. Other Lapland destinations like Levi, Ylläs, and Saariselkä offer unique experiences and opportunities for activities like snowmobiling, reindeer sledding, and Northern Lights excursions.

3. Book Accommodations:

Select family-friendly accommodations that suit your preferences and budget. Options range from cosy cabins and chalets to hotels and even glass igloos where you can watch the Northern Lights from your bed. Many Lapland accommodations provide activities and amenities designed for families, such as saunas and hot tubs.

4. Plan Activities:

Lapland offers a plethora of activities for families, including:

  • Meeting Santa Claus: Book a visit to Santa’s Village or SantaPark, where your children can meet Santa Claus, share their wish lists, and receive a special gift.
  • Husky Sledding: Experience the thrill of husky sledding through the snowy wilderness, with children often given the chance to mush their own team of dogs.
  • Reindeer Safaris: Enjoy a peaceful reindeer sleigh ride and learn about the Sami culture and their herding traditions.
  • Snowmobile Adventures: Depending on the age of your children, you may be able to embark on snowmobile safaris that include shorter, family-friendly rides.
  • Northern Lights Hunts: Lapland is known for its stunning Northern Lights displays. Join guided tours to increase your chances of witnessing this natural spectacle.
  • Ice Fishing and Ice Sculpting: Engage in traditional Arctic activities like ice fishing and ice sculpting, which are fun for the whole family.

5. Pack Appropriate Clothing:

Lapland’s cold climate requires proper winter attire. Ensure each family member has warm, waterproof clothing, including thermal layers, insulated jackets, snow pants, mittens, scarves, and sturdy boots. Don’t forget hats and neck warmers to keep everyone toasty.

6. Prepare Travel Documents:

Check passport and visa requirements for your specific destination in Lapland. Make sure all family members have valid travel documents and necessary travel insurance.

7. Capture Memories:

Pack a good-quality camera to capture the magical moments with your kids. Lapland’s snowy landscapes and the joy on your children’s faces are priceless memories you’ll want to cherish.

8. Stay Safe:

Lapland’s winter conditions can be challenging, so always prioritise safety. Follow instructions from activity guides, dress warmly, and have a plan for staying warm during outdoor activities.

9. Embrace the Magic:

Above all, embrace the magic of Lapland with your children. Let their excitement and wonder be your guide as you explore this enchanting destination together. Lapland offers a unique opportunity to create lifelong memories that your family will treasure forever.


A Lapland holiday with kids is a magical adventure that allows families to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Arctic and the spirit of the season. By planning ahead and making thoughtful choices regarding activities, accommodations, and clothing, you can ensure that your Lapland journey is a truly enchanting experience that your children will remember with joy and warmth for years to come. So, bundle up, embrace the wonder, and get ready for the Lapland adventure of a lifetime!


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