10 Reasons Why Maths Is Important in Life

When most people think of mathematics, their minds drift to algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and a hoard of other things that make it sound boring. However, maths goes far beyond these bounds and plays a crucial role in everyday life.

Among the most significant factors that make this subject so entrenched in how we conduct ourselves, is that it doesn’t need any special equipment. For mathematics to work, all that is required is the mind. The concept goes beyond the real world and breaks into the imagination, but everything that exists in the real world operates within its rules. Here are some of the ways this subject comes in handy in life.

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Exploit Gambling Strategies

The gambling industry accounts for a significant chunk of global entertainment, and some of the offered games accommodate maths application to make the winning odds better. One such game category is that of roulette, which has been popular since the seventeenth century. The concept behind the gameplay of its variations, such as 20p Roulette, is that punters have to choose one pocket or a group of them in which they think the rotating ball will land. The accommodation of maths in roulette is supported by the fact that the game allows the placement of different bets that feature varying winning and payout odds. Inside bets, which cover one or a few pockets, have a low chance of being landed but offer big wins. Outside bets, on the other hand, include large sections of the wheel that make them easier to land, but they provide small payouts.

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Roulette strategies used to exploit the different payouts depend on some knowledge of math to work. Even though they do not change the random nature of roulette wins, they give one the chance to exploit any payout shots that come by. Some of these mathematical strategies include:

  •  Fibonacci Strategy – this approach depends on the Fibonacci sequence invented in the twelve century and used to explain natural phenomena like petal arrangements in flowers. The system dictates that players should place bets increasingly when facing losing streaks by adding the previous two stakes.
  •  Martingale Strategy – this method dictates that punters should double their wagers anytime they lose and go back to the original bet value when they win.
  •  Reverse Martingale Strategy – this system is the opposite of the Martingale Strategy and requires punters to double their stakes when they win and reset to the starting value when they lose.
  •  D’Albert Strategy – this method is more like a Martingale Strategy for low rollers and operates on changing bets on the base value of one rather than doubling. One should keep spinning the roulette when until the number of won rounds is equal to those of losses.

These strategies all require basic knowledge in maths to keep track of how bet values double or add up. Even though they do not come with the assurance of winning, they mitigate the risks or make them bigger to cash in big payouts.

Improve Problem-Solving Skills

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Maths problems, at their core, require one to decompose the arguments that create them to see how they relate with each other to draw a reliable conclusion. For the maths to work, this process requires a systematic and rational approach that breaks down the premises of the problem and create a logical solution. Understanding how to use logic to relate data and come up with a conclusion makes it easier for our minds to deal with other problems in the real world. If anything, maths is the basis of the entire coherent process that teaches one how to think, even in the most basic of ways. Since life is made up of situations created by choice, reasoning, or facing problems, maths makes us comfortable with the only way to solve them, which is investigating and coming to an accurate conclusion. Some of the ways problem-solving manifests in the real world are:

  •  Explaining how things work using clear, coherent, and precise arguments. This order of the ideas and their expression goes a long way in shaping our image
  •  Understanding other subjects such as physics, chemistry, and biology that explain different phenomena in life but depend on maths to be objective and logical
  •  Making the mind operate quicker by solving deeper and more complex problems as time goes by.

Become Careful and Thorough

Maths only works if one is careful enough to understand the problem to come up with a logical solution. Unlike in art, where mistakes can enhance beauty, the same in maths can be cost finding the right answer. Being thorough in every step of the process allows one to apply the same values in everyday life.

Manage Finances

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Maths plays a significant role in the attainment of financial freedom by enabling one to manage their flow of money. Knowing maths allows you to perform simple tasks like balancing your account to ensure you have enough to meet your needs and have some to spare for luxuries.

Speak a Universal Language

Mathematics remains the same no matter where you are or originate from. Despite the differences in languages around the world, the results of a mathematical problem in one corner is constant.

Forge a Career

Being knowledgeable in maths can make you qualified in numerous fields such as banking, financing, software engineering, consultancy, planning, logistics, and research. The application of maths may differ in these fields, but its importance is crucial to succeeding in them.

Reading Maps

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Even in times when we depend on apps like Siri and Google Maps to direct us in our travels, their assistance would be hard to understand without basic maths knowledge. For instance, understanding what the foot unit of measurement allows one to know where to take turns and when they have arrived at their destination.

Reading Time

Time is considered the most valuable resource everyone has, and knowing how to tell it is essential to allocate activities and govern your day. Both analogue and digital clocks use numbers to tell the time, and a basic understanding of maths makes it hardly tasking to accomplish the task.

Maintain Fitness

Smashing fitness and exercise goals depends on being able to count reps and calculating the calories going into your body. Without a mathematically driven approach, you will most likely fail or lag behind your set goals.

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Practice Patience

Complex mathematical problems require one to take their time to come up with a solution, which requires patience. Indulging in such problem solving teaches the mind to be patient when approaching most situations in life so that it can come up with a calculated conclusion.

Parting Shot

Maths is not only part of the classroom and careers, but it is around us in nearly every aspect of life, including nature. Even though many complain that it is boring and mundane, these ten points prove that life would be less interesting to experience.


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