Listen Up: Here’s How to Protect Your Child From Permanent Hearing Loss

The ears have an elegant yet delicate structure, which makes them susceptible to a host of problems. Your child’s ears are more at risk than yours because they are still in the development process. It is because of this that you should protect his or her ears at all costs from anything that can wreak havoc to them.

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Both inside and outside the home, there is something that can endanger your little one’s ears – extremely loud noise.

Being around awfully loud noises or being exposed to loud noises for a long time may lead to what pediatric ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists refer to as noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). This type of hearing loss in kids, which may affect adults as well, may either be permanent (lifelong) or short-term (temporary) only.

Fortunately, there are many ways to lower NIHL risk in kids. One of the simplest steps that parents can take is protecting their little ones with baby earmuffs.

Loud Noises are Everywhere

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Just because you are not taking your baby to a heavy metal concert or a construction site doesn’t mean that his or her hearing is no longer at risk.

Did you know that there are many things inside the home that can cause NIHL to come into being and take away your baby’s hearing for either a while or for good? Appliances such as blenders, food processors, vacuum cleaners and hair dryers give off loud noises that may cause hearing loss in kids. Such is especially true if they are exposed to them all the time.

Around the home, many things can cause NIHL to come into being. Some common examples are lawn mowers and leaf blowers. If you and your loved ones are living near a busy street, your baby’s ears are probably constantly being bombarded with intense traffic noises.

When operating loud appliances and equipment while your baby is around, it is a great idea to shield his or her ears with a pair of earmuffs designed specifically for little ones.

More Damage Than Just Hearing Loss

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If you think that hearing loss is the only issue that can stem from your child’s constant exposure to extremely loud noises, think again. It can also affect your baby in other ways, some of which can get in the way of his or her proper growth and development.

For instance, it can cause unnecessary stress that can lead to a stomach upset. It can result in loss of appetite, which can keep your little bundle of joy from getting essential nutrients.

Stress resulting from loud noise exposure can also cause sleep deprivation. Your baby needs lots of nighttime and daytime shut-eye as it is necessitated by his or her rapidly growing and developing body and mind. Without enough sleep, according to pediatricians, kids may have reduced cognitive functioning and lowered immune system.

The importance of giving your child a quiet environment cannot be stressed enough. In some instances, the use of baby earmuffs can help provide much-needed protection.


You can keep your child from winding up with NIHL by limiting his or her exposure to awfully loud noises not only outside the home but inside it, too. A surprisingly easy way to do this is by allowing your baby to wear ear muffs if necessary.

When shopping for a pair, opt for one that comes with superb quality and is specifically designed for babies. While companies like Blue Angels Hearing provide affordable hearing aids for seniors, you want to consult with your audiologist what will work for your baby. 

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