Camp Bestival: the benefits

If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know that we spent a long weekend away at Camp Bestival at the end of July.

Having had some time now to reflect, I wanted to try and get to the bottom of the benefits the children all gained from that four days.


It’s a tricky process in all honesty as there was just so much they enjoyed and so much that captured their imagination.

  • They gained the freedom to run outside the tent in the morning and evening, feeling the grass between their toes as they played
  • They gained the opportunity to build friendships with other children from the proximity of the neighbours tents
  • They benefited from hearing live music and watching shows and the atmosphere that brings with it

Lazy Town Live

  • Our eldest had the opportunity to meet one of her idols, Jess Glynne
  • The two older children benefited from the experience of singing for three days on a large stage to a live audience with a microphone

singing live

  • All the children benefited from the sensory experience Camp Bestival provides, the colours, the sounds, all the things to touch, and experiencing new tastes
  • Lizzie’s Way provided the chance for fun, messy play that had so many learning opportunities – the children had so many opportunities for role play, sensory play and discovery we could have spent the entire time just in there

mud pies

  • They benefited from holding and stroking animals
  • They benefited in terms of skill development, from the opportunity to use tools such as hammers and saws
  • They developed their circus skills and came home with new talents they want to pursue

tug of war

  • They broadened their experiences
  • They widened their knowledge in science workshops
  • And further increased their sense of adventure, challenging themselves both physically and mentally

All that in four days…

It really is a special place. The learning was limitless and the fun endless.

lizzies way


  1. I’ve seen so many lovely photos from Camp Bestival over on Country Kids I feel like I’ve been! I love the angle you’ve taken the mud kitchen at, that’s the first one I’ve seen not so close up so I can see how they built it. I’m determined to have a go at that Photo frame idea, in fact you may have just inspired my Activity Hour for this week! Glad you had a lovely time and managed to join in with so much.

  2. I have seen blog posts about their visit at Camp Bestival and they are all positive and nice. I think that the organizers are really thinking of the things for kids which is so amazing of them. I really wanted to go and experience this too but its far and pricey for me. Such an amazing event for kids! #sharewithme

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