5 Ways To Save Your Treasured Memories

When your children are little, every day can be a whirlwind. Moments that you want to hold onto forever can trickle away when the sun sets and are lost to a forgotten time. With so many milestone moments happening so quickly, and your mind being boggled with sleep deprivation, meeting the constant changing needs of your children and an ever-demanding schedule, how do you hold onto these pieces of time? This post compiles five ways that you can save your treasured memories so that you can hold onto them to share with your children when they are old and grown, or just for a quiet moment of reflection.

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Photo Album

Photo album creations are one of the best ways to display your memories in a visually friendly fashion. Long gone are the days when you had to take the camera to the photo developer, in fact with modern phone technology, it’s so easy to take photos on the go and capture every little moment if you want to. The next natural step is to obtain photo print of your favourites and put them into an album as a keepsake. Albums last a long time and can be looked at by generations to come.

Email Diaries

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Email diaries are a recent trend that has grown in popularity. The idea is that you first create an email address account for your child, to give to them at a later date. For example, you could give it to them when they turn 18 as a gift. Next, you send a daily, weekly, or monthly email with key, core memories written down in detail. It could also be advice or anything else that you want to share. You keep the details safe and pass them on when you are ready. It can be an ongoing project that you add to as and when you find the time, but it’s a nice idea, nonetheless. I did start this for the children, but it’s not been something I’ve managed to keep going on a regualr basis.

Video and Voice Recordings

Much like photos and emails, you can also make video and/or voice recordings. Videos are a step up from photos in that you get a longer visual experience. Voice recordings are a nice way of telling your own story for your kids to hear one day after you’re gone. They can feel connected to you and learn things they never knew before.

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Memory Boxes

Memory boxes can be created for different ages. You can have a yearly memory box to mark each birthday. These boxes could contain ticket stubs, drawings, letters, birthday cards, or anything you want to show your child when they are older. The idea is that you get a collection of nice things that you can talk about and reminisce about in the future.

Memories are important and cementing them in a physical form can make the sentiment of the moment long-lasting. It will create a lovely nostalgia one day to look back on photos, listen to voice recordings, or search through a memory box to rekindle the past days.

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