6 Common Mistakes To Avoid as a Beginner Motorcycle Adventure Rider

All seasoned riders were once newbies. The challenges they faced in their riding infancy probably shaped them to become better riders. Motorcycle adventure riding is great, and every beginner burns with excitement to try this amazing experience. However, too often, beginners make mistakes and end up having a rough ride and an experience to forget. If you are a beginner motorcycle adventure rider, it is good to be aware of these mistakes to avoid falling into the same pit. Fortunately, this article takes you through a list of some of these common beginner mistakes to avoid as a beginner motorcycle adventure rider.


It is tempting to ride at high speeds, and beginners are not an exception. After a little motorcycle training, you may think you have graduated, and you need to engage your motorcycle at full speed. However, this is a bad idea, especially for beginners, because it becomes disastrous when you lose control of your motorcycle. The consequences are well documented, and you are better off keeping an eye on safety. Over speeding is one of the safety precautions when driving and is important to adhere to. Navigating corners at high speeds is difficult, and you will likely find yourself nursing injuries. Therefore, ride at safe speeds to make it easier to control your motorcycle and avoid accidents.

Not Seeking Legal Help in Case of Accident

As long as you are on the road, you cannot confidently rule out the possibility of being an accident victim. You can do everything right only to be hit or hurt because of the recklessness and mistakes of another party. If this happens, it is your right to sue the party for damages. However, you will need documentation to have a solid ground for the compensation claim. Treatment documentation can serve as evidence if you want to win a claim. If you are a victim, just call a lawyer today and seek guidance on how you can navigate your case. Your lawyer will help you avoid other costly legal mistakes that might affect your chances of getting compensation.

The Rush to Carry Someone

Perhaps you have friends or colleagues that you want to show them you’re riding prowess. Maybe you planned a riding adventure with them, and you are cornered to carry someone on the ride. As a beginner, resist these temptations because the dynamics of carrying someone is not the same as when you are alone. The weight and balance change, and you need experience to comfortably handle the weight of another party. Irrespective of the type of motorcycle you are using, ride alone until you are comfortable carrying someone. First, it is good to train to carry someone before taking on the roads. This is crucial for your safety and that of your partner.

Failure to Know the Fuel Gauge

Running out of fuel deep in your adventure is something you won’t like to experience. Besides spoiling the adventuring party, it can jeopardise your life. This is why experienced riders always check their motorcycle’s fuel gauge to know whether and when they can possibly run out of fuel.

Probably, you can estimate when you need to refuel, depending on your average fuel range history. Stop and fuel when you go below average. Irrespective of the fuel range features on your motorbike, make it mandatory to take a real-time peek in your fuel tank to see if it is approaching depletion.

Don’t Forget to Remove the Crutch

When you are not used to something, you are highly likely to forget even the basic things. The crutch is one thing that several beginner motorcycle riders forget to remove before turning on their bike engine. While it may not be a serious issue, it is worth knowing that this is not healthy for your engine.

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Braking in Curves

Curves and corners are not friendly to newbies and create some level of fear. You might not have problems navigating straight paths only until you meet a curve or a corner. The common reaction amongst droves of beginner riders is hitting that braking plug. While you might think that is a better option, it does more harm than good. Just navigate the curves and maintain a constant stream of fuel as you watch the exit from the turn. It is much easier to do this when you are riding at safe speeds.

Final Thoughts

Motorcycle adventure riding is an amazing experience for beginners. While several factors will contribute to the entire riding experience, the common beginner motorcycle riding adventure mistakes can lead you to some murky waters. Fortunately, we have highlighted some of the common mistakes to avoid to make the most of your adventure.

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