A glittery birthday

There’s a birthday boy in our house this week. Someone is ‘big boy three’ and very excited about this new number he is too!

He seems to really understand this year about birthdays, which means it all changes. Last year he still looked rather puzzled when everyone started singing happy birthday to him, but this year he’s loving it.

three (1)

We’ve had a bit of cake overload as far as this birthday goes. There was the dog cake that went to nursery, then there was the caterpillar cake that went to playgroup, and then there will be a gruffalo cake for the party.

As there has been vast quantities of cake, I thought for his actual birthday we’d do something different. I used Hartley’s new mixed berry jelly mix to create a glitter jelly cake.

glitterjelly (2)

The new sparkling jelly mix is ideal for parties, so I’ll probably do another for the weekend. It works with the candle right?

This new glitter jelly also comes in strawberry and raspberry flavours. I can see the pink ones being ideal to add some sparkle to a princess party and this blue jelly has all sorts of possibilities, it’s a shame it wasn’t out when we had our Star Wars party recently.

The screeches of “blue jelly! !!!!” Were enough to tell me it was a hit with the children. They loved the berry flavour and the sparkles.

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