Back to school craft with Bostik

I can’t believe how fast these summer holidays have gone. Is it me or have they just flown by. I still feel as if we have lots we want to do but not enough days left of the holidays to get these things done.

back to school craft

As it won’t be long until the new term, we thought we would do a bit of ‘back to school’ themed craft with Bostik. We started with a pen and pencil pot, simply wrapping a cardboard pot in fabric and gluing.

Bostik craft supplies

A paper lunch bag was next on the list, using a range of materials to make up the letters. The scrabble-like wooden letters were our favourites though and look great.

Bostik crafts

The children then decorated a canvas back with a range of letters to help carry all the back-to-school supplies. What is it about the new school year that suddenly means we all need new stationary. Do we ever even check to see if the old stuff is OK or not?

Bostik craft supplies

You could at least pop some of ‘last years’ pens in your homemade pen pot and leave it somewhere handy! Is it just me or do the pens you leave in ‘useful’ places always vanish?

How are you preparing for the start of the new school term? Have you any back-to-school craft ideas of your own to share?


  1. I had an ‘argument’ with my kids about pens and pencils this week. At the rate at which I buy new ones, they should be prolific artists and writers by now!

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