Benefits of Horse Menage Arenas for Young Riders

Horse riding is an activity that has been around for centuries. No longer are we dependent on the horse to provide us with transport and the transportation of goods; they have however etched their way into a unique and wondrous corner of our existence.

From show jumping to dressage and cross-country, horse riding is in our blood, and the sheer thrill of riding a horse is inescapable. That is why it is important to have the necessary arena (menage) to master the art of horse riding. If you have ever fallen off a horse, you will know what I am talking about.

So, how important are horse menage arenas for young riders? Well, as the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect!” and if you are keen to get your young and budding rider up to scratch, then these benefits are for you.

Benefits of a Horse Menage

A horse menage is basically an outdoor or indoor horse riding arena. While an indoor arena affords riders protection from the elements, an outdoor menage offers additional advantages of fresh air and natural light together with a more open and spacious environment in which to train and ride. 

These arenas can be either an indoor or an outdoor facility, and the ground is prepared with a choice of silica sand, rubber chips, high-performance wax, or soil. Let’s get into just some of the benefits of a horse menage for young riders.

More Managed Risks

Young riders will feel more at ease and more confident, knowing that if they do fall, their landing is going to be cushioned. This builds confidence and allows young riders to pursue their objectives fearlessly.

Climate Control

Protecting your arena with a roof allows for a more climate-controlled environment, not to mention that training of both horse and rider can be done regardless of the weather. And as you know, more riding means more enjoyment and a greater interest in becoming better at the end of the day.

Herd Bound Horses

Horses that tend to be more herd-bound can now be trained and worked with in isolation from other horses. This will give you the ideal opportunity to get your horse on par with your young rider. 

Look in the Mirror

Having a mirror installed in your Horse menage is a great way for riders to watch and thus evaluate themselves and the progress that they are making. This way, they can see for themselves where they can make improvements or adjustments.

Unwanted Distractions

With a menage, you can say goodbye to any and all unwanted distractions, such as barking dogs and hooting cars. This is a huge benefit and is going to allow both the horse and the rider to focus better on the job at hand. 

Controlling and managing the environmental conditions frees riders up to spend more time in the saddle, coupled with a safer and more enjoyable experience. As it happens, the more time spent in the saddle, the faster a rider progresses and the better they become.

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