Best ways to keep your house clean all year around

It’s the start of a new year! What’s your new year’s resolution? Are your aiming to keep your house tidy and clean all year round? While this goal seems challenging, there are plenty of practical ways that you can achieve it, have a look at House Cleaning Sydney for some more information.

Clean as you go in the kitchen

cleaning your home appliances

Kitchens tend to be messy, most especially if you cook a lot. To keep it tidy the whole year, make it a habit to clean your working stations right after you cook. Wipe the stove, walls, and kitchen hood to prevent gunk build-up.

Keep the drawers neat by organising the items. You can use a drawer divider to keep the spoons, forks, knives and other items separated from each other.

Clean your outdoor area

garden maintenance

If you have an outdoor lounge, replace the cushion covers and rugs as often as needed. Remove any worn item to keep the area neat. If you have small items on display, use a rag or a brush to remove dust and other small particles.

Clean the furnishings regularly. Familiarise yourself with proper handling of outdoor furniture to ensure that you remove stains, pests, and insects stuck in the crevices.

Keep your garden well-maintained

cleaning outside

Everyone wants to have an evergreen garden. However, not everyone wants to spend long hours just to ensure that the plants are watered, pruned and fertilised regularly. As part of your New Year’s resolution, make sure to allot a few hours to tend to your garden.

You can also hire professional cleaners London, who can perform arduous tasks such as pest control, soil fertilising, and jet washing. These services are all over the UK, so look out for one in your area.

Don’t forget the flooring

The flooring also needs cleaning from time to time. You could allot a few hours during the weekends to wipe the flooring.

Before you purchase a cleaning solution, try to identify the flooring material used. Are you using it on vinyl tiles? Ceramic tiles? Wood panels? Faux wood? By knowing what type of flooring, you have, you can avoid damaging the material.

De-clutter your things

It’s hard to keep the house clean and tidy if you have too much clutter to deal with. You should try to de-clutter your home every weekend. If you no longer need a certain item, discard it or place it in storage. Better still are these 30 day de-clutter programmes that you can find online. This makes de-cluttering a managable task and reduces overwhlem.

Also, avoid purchasing items or furnishings that you don’t need. Before you shop, think twice before you buy new things for your home.

You should also de-clutter your refrigerator. Get rid of food products that you no longer want to eat. By doing so, you can free up space for other delicious treats.

Other important cleaning

There are other parts of your home that need attention too, such as your windows, bathroom, bedroom, balcony, attic, basement, garage, and dining area. If you also have extra rooms such as a family room or music room, make sure that you have them cleaned too.

Maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of your house by following a strict routine. It will allow you to minimise the time spent doing your household chores, without feeling as if you spend the whole time cleaning!

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