Blackjack Advice You Should Ignore

Are you serious about playing online BLACKJACK for real money? Whenever players play online BLACKJACK in casinos (online casinos or physical casinos), advisers will be there to advise. However, almost more than 90 percent of them are fake and for interfering with your blackjack experiences. 

Several players with their willingness to share their experiences will be advising you how you should be playing blackjack. Whether you choose an official website, apps, or offline casinos for playing blackjack, you must ignore the top 5 pieces of advice to give yourself a victory.

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Top Five Worst Pieces Of Advice To Ignore With Blackjack:

Some players spread rumours among new and inexperienced casino lovers to mislead, and point them in the wrong direction, presenting their skills and talents even if they have little or no expertise in gambling. They will give the following advice that you should ignore.

Double Your Bet If You Lose!

They will advise you to increase your bet if you lose or to double the price. However, in all types of casino games, you will find ‘advisers’ who you don’t know. Gamblers quickly trust these people because new gamblers often lose rapidly, and they want to win. 

If you agree to increase your bet price, it means you allow the casino to make you lose all of your money legally. But, if you increase your bet because you are winning money, then it is a wise move. Ignore this advice if you lose.

Possible Deviations Through Basic Strategy!

If you wish to minimise the house edge, you can use some 100% working strategies. This way, some players who claim they have experience in blackjack might come to you and advise you. They will forcefully try to convince you that you must try some basic strategies that they know to make the victory yours. 

Some strategies, like splitting face cards and doubling a hard 12, and another might help you. However, it is always advisable to stay away from it. 

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Splitting Eights & Aces Is Preferable:

While playing blackjack, you will come to know that you must split eights and aces. However, if you follow this advice, you will make sure of your loss only. It is because splitting Eights means there is a no-brainer.

Taking Insurance Is Desirable:

Some master players will advise insurance. Taking insurance at any time is a facility with blackjack, but, if you cannot count the cards, then you waste your insurance money.

No Need To Learn Counting Cards!

Some advisers will advise you that you are not required to learn how to count cards. There is no relationship between counting cards and winning. If you hear this then you should ignore this advice.

Final Thoughts:

Following the advice while playing blackjack is risky for every player. However, still, people take these risks to win. But, there are no shortcuts in blackjack that can make victory yours.

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