Choosing a capsule wardrobe for your summer holiday

I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe. At the point that I fully re-do my wardrobe, that is exactly what I am going to go for. I’ve been discussing this a lot with a friend recently. Each time we mention how much we HATE shopping for new clothes (yes, I said hate) we discuss new ways of approaching our wardrobes and a capsule wardrobe comes out on top as a good idea.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a sensible way of buying, storing and wearing your clothes. The basic idea is that you streamline your wardrobe down to around 30-50 items that can be mixed and matched to make a range of different outfits for every possible occasion you might need them for.

So, say if you had a trouser suit, you’d wear the trousers with other tops and the jacket to smarten up a pair of jeans for a night out. Or maybe you could even wear the jacket over a sleeveless dress in colder weather?

It’s all about choosing items that can have multiple purposes and having a wardrobe that is actually functional and serves you day-to-day. It gets rid of all that excess and I’m here for that. I hate the fact that I rarely wear the bulk of what is in my wardrobe. Anyone else?

Applying a capsule wardrobe to your holiday packing

Are you heading on holiday this summer? If so, you can try out the capsule wardrobe method whilst on holiday, to see if you like it. Rather than packing all of your summer clothes in your suitcase, think carefully about what you can mix and match to make a range of outfits. That way you don’t pack too much. You can try to apply this to the holiday wardrobes of all the family and see how you all get on. I’m hoping to do that this year. I’ve tried hard the last few times to really cut down what we pack but I still think it can be cut down even more.

How do you approach your summer holiday packing? Do you think you could pack like this for yourself? What about your family? Are you an ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ person, or do you travel light when possible?

Example of a summer holiday capsule wardrobe

block heels
  • A pair of pool sliders that can be worn with the shorts and sun dress as well as the swimwear
  • A hoody to chuck on over everything from PJs to shorts
  • Nightware
  • One smarter dress or capris that also go with the cardy
  • A pair of white heels (summer staple), perhaps a wedge which will go with the dresses, shorts and capris
  • A jumpsuit that can be worn over swimwear, over a vest top, with the cardy and with the sliders

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