Some Fashion Tips for the Year Ahead

It’s the start of another year and a good time to reinvent your personal style and your wardrobe. Whether you want to tailor your style and save some money with a capsule wardrobe or get a new piercing like a belly bar for the spring and summer, this article is packed with inspiration. 

capsule wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe 

If you are tired of your personal style, now is an excellent time to reinvent yourself and save some money as you do so. Start by creating a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a minimalist wardrobe that contains items that are flexible and intuitive, reducing your stress. 

To create a capsule wardrobe, all you have to do is monitor the clothing your currently wear over the course of a month and send anything that is underutilised to the second-hand store. When you buy new items, make sure you invest in high-quality styles that will last for many years.    

Second-hand Clothing 

The cost of living has risen significantly in recent times and shows no sign of coming down in the near future, so why not turn your attention to second-hand clothing as an alternative to fast-fashion or new clothing items? Second-hand clothing is stylish and affordable for anyone. 

Not only is second-hand clothing stylish and affordable, but it is also sustainable. When you buy second-hand, you don’t support the fast-fashion industry, which is responsible for huge levels of carbon emissions. Instead, you support small retailers that need your custom more than ever.   

Consider Piercings 

Piercings have always been popular; they are a great way to individualise yourself and create a unique style that looks amazing. In recent years, piercings have become more popular; definitely consider one for your style in the coming year. There are many piercings to choose.

Piercing come in many different forms; you can have conventional piercings for your ears, chin piercing, nose piercings, and belly bars that look amazing on your body and give you a unique style if you like to wear short tops or you intend to hang out at the beach or lake this summer.  

Aspirational Items 

An aspirational style item is an item of clothing you wouldn’t normally buy; it might be out of your price range, and it might also be outside of your conventional style. Either way, it is aspirational; the idea is that this clothing item attracts other styles to support a new look you have in mind.  

An aspirational item could be a coat, a pair of boots, a pair of expensive or decorative trousers or jeans, or a hat that you wouldn’t normally buy. There are two ways to buy an aspirational piece, you can buy one spontaneously and get it right, or you can take a considered approach. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are a little bored with your style at the moment, it could be time to change or update your wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a great idea, and so too is buying an aspirational piece that contributes to your future look. Make the most of this time to organise your fashion aspirations.    

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