How to choose the perfect location for your hot tub holiday 2023

There are so many places to experience a great holiday in the UK, with activities to do in all weathers. With so much choice, you may be unsure of where to visit first.

Hot tubs make a great addition to a UK holiday rental. Here, are a few locations to consider – something they all share, is the joys of a relaxing hot tub. Carry on reading to enjoy the best hot tub holidays UK style!

The New Forest

At the Sandy Balls holiday village, you can experience all that southern England has to offer! This holiday location is perfect for those who love nature walks, animals and taking in the beautiful landmarks.

Stroll around the Moors Valley Country Park, or take a bike ride through the paths. If you want to try something different, there are steam-powered trains, where you can enjoy the park in an old-fashioned way. However you decide to explore – there’s an option for everyone!

The discovery doesn’t stop there – you can visit the Wildlife Park, where you will see some of the most interesting animals. Home to birds and mammals, like the grey wolf, you could discover your new favourite furry friend.

Isle of Wight

Now, if you love to be beside the seaside, then this Isle of Wight location is the best choice! With an array of beaches to explore, you’ll never reach boredom.

Choose the Whitecliff Bay resort if you want to visit Sandown Pier, where you can have the perfect day out. Play miniature golf, arcade games and maybe even take a cold dip – at least you can come back to your resort to warm up with the hot tub!

Beaches aren’t the only thing that the Isle of Wight has to offer. If you love monkeys, you can visit Monkey Haven, which is an animal sanctuary for both monkeys and birds.

With both beaches and monkeys being a great start to your holiday, visit Whitecliff Bay to continue the fun!


more locations other than these three to choose from, you’ll find a destination to suit everyone’s needs. One thing that you will all enjoy, is the presence of a hot tub at locations like So, which one will you be visiting first?

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