Tips for Exploring the British Countryside

If you want to go on an inexpensive, but no less wonderful adventure, then you don’t need to travel outside of the UK to find what you need. For a relatively small island country, the UK is packed full of areas of natural beauty.

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While the cities in the UK are full of history and things to do, the countryside is equally rich and you could spend years exploring the different parts of the country. Here are some tips for your next rural adventure, whether you plan on going on wild excursions or relaxing in a cosy cottage somewhere.

Research the Area

If you’re planning on exploring the British countryside, then make sure that you research the area beforehand. As well as looking into what walks are nearby, check out the local towns and villages for attractions.

Research market days for great shopping opportunities, or look into nearby ruins, castles, and other places of historic interest. If you’ve got kids, your holiday can double as an educational trip, as long as you don’t forget to put fun first. Even if you don’t have children, there’s something for everyone to explore and enjoy.

Finding Accommodation

No matter what kind of holiday you prefer, you want to find some accommodation that will act as the ideal home base. Ideally, look for somewhere that is close enough to necessities like shops and hospitals, so that you don’t have to go miles just to get milk or eggs.

Think about your perfect trip and bear that in mind. If you have dogs or like walking, then choose somewhere that’s surrounded by wilderness and potential walking trials. You should also find somewhere equipped with a mud room, where you can take off your boots and give the dogs a quick clean.

The All Important Pub

One of the things that ubiquitous to any British village, town, or city is the local pub. It’s somewhere that you can relax with the locals over a pint, glass of wine and have a bite to eat. There are some fantastic pubs in seahouses, as well as in other nearby towns and villages.

Northumberland is just one of the amazing rural places that you can visit in the UK, with stunning views, friendly people, and great little villages to explore. Wales is stunning, as is Scotland, so don’t just stick to England!

Capturing Memories

When you’re on holiday, the best thing to do is to live in the moment and enjoy every part of it. However, there’s something to be said for capturing your memories to look back on. Most smartphones are equipped with cameras that are easily good enough for casual pictures, and you can even fiddle with the settings to get amazing landscape shots and panoramas. 

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However, if you’re into photography, then investing in a good camera is never a bad idea. If you go somewhere particularly isolated, then you have an amazing chance to get some night-time shots on clear nights, as there is less light pollution. If you have other artistic talents, then the British countryside offers some great sketching and painting opportunities.

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